ADvTECH Invests in Makini Schools’ ICT Infrastructure to Enhance Learning

The ADvTECH Group has unveiled its plan to elevate Makini Schools’ ICT infrastructure, marking the next phase of the company’s ongoing commitment to delivering world-class education.

Over the past five years, ADvTECH has strategically invested over KES 579 million [approximately 76 million Rand] in Makini Schools. This substantial investment has been directed towards modernizing the schools, aligning them with global educational standards, and enriching the teaching and learning experience.

Makini learners remain actively involved and enthusiastic as their teacher motivates them to express their thoughts and ideas.

In the coming months, all Makini educators will receive state-of-the-art devices to ensure the seamless transition to online lessons when needed. This initiative aims to enable students to actively participate in virtual classes when attending physical school becomes challenging. Furthermore, all classrooms will be outfitted with cutting-edge projectors and sound bars, while secure Wi-Fi coverage will extend throughout the entire campus, both indoors and outdoors. These enhancements will greatly enhance research capabilities and significantly elevate the quality of lesson delivery, fostering a more interactive and engaging learning environment.

Horace Mpanza, Managing Director of Makini Schools, expressed, “ADvTECH is renowned for its unwavering commitment to academic excellence in Africa, and our sustained investment in Makini Schools underscores our dedication to providing top-tier education. The learning environment we create for our students is fundamental in helping them achieve their full potential.”

Previous upgrades at Makini Schools have included refurbishing existing classrooms and bathrooms, constructing new classrooms, sports and recreational facilities, as well as establishing modern computer labs and home science labs at the Ngong Road campus, as well as in Migosi and Kisumu City. Beyond enhancing learning spaces, ADvTECH’s investment in Makini Schools encompasses the long-term maintenance of these facilities, ensuring a secure and conducive environment for students’ learning and play.

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