AfCFTA Opens Doors for Women Traders in Kenya

In partnership with the East African Women in Business Platform [EAWiBP], GIZ-SEAMPEC II is set to organize a key workshop in Nairobi. The focus of this event is the African Continental Free Trade Area [AfCFTA] Agreement, specifically its Protocol on Trade in Goods. The workshop aims to promote economic development and support women in trade.

Despite Africa’s vast economic potential, its contribution to global trade is just 2%, and intra-continental exports are a mere 17%. The workshop, led by EAWiBP Chairperson Elizabeth Thande, seeks to ignite growth and innovation. It will span two days, offering detailed discussions and planning, targeting the growth of Kenyan women entrepreneurs in line with AfCFTA’s goals.

Elizabeth Thande, Chairperson EAWiBP

Janice Kimaro, CEO of EAWiBP, expressed gratitude for the engagement of participants and GIZ-SEAMPEC II’s critical support. She highlighted this collaboration as a foundational step towards future achievements in trade.

This event is a crucial step in empowering Kenyan women, preparing them for success in regional and continental trade. Moringa Value Chain Kenya Ltd [MOVACK], a member of EAWiBP, thanked EAWiBP and GIZ EAC for their continuous support, sharing a vision to enhance economic opportunities and empower women in trade through AfCFTA.

As the workshop begins, Janice Kimaro emphasized its significance, noting it as a clear demonstration of the commitment to empower women in trade under AfCFTA. This partnership is expected to foster growth, learning, and strategic planning, shaping the future of women-led businesses in the region.

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