AI and Robotics: The Twin Forces Propelling OPPO’s R&D Revolution

In recent years, the integration of intelligent robotics and artificial intelligence [AI] has been on the rise across various industries. OPPO, a prominent technology company, has emerged as a leader in utilizing these advanced technologies to enhance its research and development [R&D] processes. This article explores how OPPO leverages intelligent robotics and self-developed AI algorithms to accelerate product development and testing in the realms of mobile communication, imaging, XR, smart health, and more.

Intelligent Robotics: A Catalyst for Product R&D

Intelligent robotic arms have become indispensable assets in OPPO’s R&D endeavors. These machines are meticulously designed to execute tasks demanding extreme precision and consistency, surpassing human capabilities. A significant advantage lies in their continuous operation, functioning 24/7, which significantly boosts productivity.

A smart robot is taking photo in different scenes

OPPO Intelligent Imaging Lab: Transforming Mobile Camera Testing

Testing mobile camera functionality is a critical aspect of smartphone development. OPPO’s Intelligent Imaging Lab, located in Dongguan, has ingeniously replicated various real-life scenarios for photography and videography assessments. Robots autonomously navigate these simulated scenes, capturing photos and videos. This automation drastically reduces testing time, converting days of work into mere hours.

OPPO Communication Lab: Ensuring Seamless Connectivity

Smartphones serve as our constant companions, necessitating seamless connectivity. OPPO’s Communication Lab pioneers the development and testing of fundamental communication technology. It can emulate diverse network environments, from high-speed trains to crowded places, catering to challenging conditions. Robotic arms simulate smartphone users engaging in social media browsing and web activities, facilitating comprehensive testing.

Testing smartphone with various NFC terminals

OPPO NFC Lab: Precision in NFC Terminal Testing

OPPO subjects each smartphone to extensive NFC [Near Field Communication] testing to ensure impeccable read and write accuracy across various NFC terminals. The lab incorporates smart robotic arms, establishing a pioneering automated testing process operational round-the-clock.

OPPO XR Lab: Elevating Extended Reality Experiences

OPPO’s XR Lab employs robotics to enhance extended reality experiences. A robotic arm emulates different head-mounted device positions and angles, enabling precise calibration of display elements and cameras. This technology guarantees virtual objects align seamlessly with the real world, optimizing user experiences.

Testing MR Glass at OPPO XR Lab

Pioneering Smart Life Experiences

As technology advances, the vision of a futuristic, interconnected smart life draws nearer. Smartwatches exemplify this transition, and OPPO is actively contributing to this transformation.

OPPO Health Lab: Revolutionizing Preventive Health Management

OPPO’s commitment to advancing preventive health management is exemplified by its latest offering, the Watch 4 Pro. Utilizing cardiovascular assessment algorithms, the smartwatch detects blood vessel elasticity, empowering users to assess vascular sclerosis risk. Additionally, the watch incorporates running form recognition, capturing essential metrics for runners. OPPO’s health lab plays a pivotal role in data collection and analysis for these innovative health solutions.

OPPO Health Lab conducts in-depth R&D in health technologies

OPPO AndesBrain [Binhaiwan Bay] IDC: Empowering the Internet of Experience

In response to escalating demands for data storage, AI, and high-performance computing, OPPO initiated the construction of its colossal data center, OPPO AndesBrain [Binhaiwan Bay] IDC. This data center accommodates millions of ColorOS users worldwide and provides the computational muscle for AI tasks and solutions. OPPO’s dedication to sustainability is evident through its adoption of rainwater harvesting and immersion cooling systems, enhancing energy efficiency.

Air-cooling Server Room in OPPO AndesBrain [Binhaiwan Bay] IDC


OPPO’s integration of intelligent robotics and AI algorithms has ushered in a new era of efficiency and innovation in R&D across various domains. From mobile camera testing to connectivity solutions and healthcare advancements, OPPO’s commitment to excellence and sustainability is shaping a smarter, interconnected world for users worldwide.

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