Airbus & BMW Team Up: Quantum Leap for Mobility

Airbus and BMW Group have jointly launched the “Quantum Mobility Quest,” a groundbreaking global Quantum Computing Challenge aimed at addressing longstanding challenges in aviation and automotive industries that have remained unresolved by classical computers. This unique initiative, the first of its kind, unites two prominent industry leaders in an effort to leverage quantum technologies for practical industrial applications, unlocking possibilities for more efficient, sustainable, and safer transportation solutions.

Isabell Gradert, Vice President Central Research and Technology at Airbus, emphasizes the opportune moment to spotlight quantum technology’s societal impact. Partnering with BMW Group allows for the maturation of this technology, bridging the gap between scientific exploration and practical applications. The challenge invites participants worldwide, including students, PhDs, academics, researchers, start-ups, companies, and professionals, to collaborate in reshaping the construction and operation of aircraft through a massive paradigm shift.

Dr. Peter Lehnert, Vice-President of Research Technologies at BMW Group, highlights their commitment to exploring quantum technology’s capabilities for sustainability and operational excellence. The BMW Group aims to position itself at the intersection of quantum technology, the global ecosystem, and cutting-edge solutions, foreseeing significant advances in sustainable materials, design efficiency, and overall user experience in their products.

Quantum computing holds the potential to substantially enhance computational power, tackling complex operations that challenge today’s best computers. In data-driven industries like transportation, this technology could play a pivotal role in simulating various industrial and operational processes, shaping the future of mobility products and services.

The Quantum Mobility Quest offers candidates the opportunity to address specific problem statements such as improved aerodynamics design, future automated mobility, sustainable supply chains, and enhanced corrosion inhibition using quantum technologies. Participants can also propose their own quantum solutions yet to be explored in the transportation sector.

Hosted by The Quantum Insider [TQI], the challenge unfolds in two phases. The first involves a four-month period for participants to develop a theoretical framework for one of the given statements, while the second phase sees selected finalists implementing and benchmarking their solutions. Amazon Web Services [AWS] provides a platform for candidates to run their algorithms on the cloud quantum computing service.

A distinguished jury comprising quantum experts and representatives from Airbus, BMW Group, and AWS will evaluate submissions. The winning team for each of the five challenges will be awarded a €30,000 prize by the end of 2024, marking a significant milestone in advancing quantum applications in transportation.

Registration opens today, and submissions will be accepted from mid-January through April 30, 2024 here.

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