Airtel Ads Simplifies Digital Ad Buying in Africa

Airtel Africa has introduced Airtel Ads, Africa’s inaugural Demand-Side Platform [DSP], to empower advertisers and agencies in efficiently managing, purchasing, and optimizing digital ad space across various exchanges in real-time.

Developed with, Airtel Ads simplifies the ad purchasing process for media agencies and businesses, offering a comprehensive solution for digital ad management. Leveraging Airtel Africa’s extensive customer base of over 150 million, which includes users of both telecommunications services and mobile wallets, the platform targets digitally engaged individuals as well as those traditionally excluded from the digital sphere, such as 2G and feature phone users.

[L-R] Airtel Africa leaders Nandu Buty, Head of Brands, Anthony Shiner, Chief Commercial Officer and Priya Thakoor, Director, Digital & Product join Alexandr Yesayan, CEO, at the launch of Airtel Ads powered by in Lagos

Additionally, through Airtel Voice Reward Ads, the platform can engage consumers across different devices. Airtel Ads addresses current ad performance limitations by integrating all ad networks with Airtel Africa’s telecommunications data, offering unified advertising with audience segmentation, dedicated marketing support, data analytics, native language assistance, and access to numerous bidding parameters.

It also accepts payments in local African currencies and utilizes AI-based brand safety tools. Since its launch, Airtel Ads has reached a wide audience, with significant impressions and daily notifications. Chief Commercial Officer Anthony Shiner expressed excitement about the platform’s potential to empower businesses using data-driven tools for effective marketing campaigns in Africa.

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