Airtel Kenya Brings 5G to 32 Counties, Boosting Connectivity and Innovation

Airtel Networks Kenya is actively expanding its 5G network across Kenya. With a vision to amplify internet connectivity, Airtel plans to unveil 100 additional 5G sites nationwide by the year-end. This strategic move aims to furnish Airtel customers with an unparalleled online experience, characterized by swift speeds, minimal delays, and seamless multi-device connectivity inherent to the revolutionary 5G technology.

The comprehensive roll-out strategy signifies a notable increase in Airtel’s 5G presence, extending from 180 wards to 221 and spanning across 15 to 32 counties. Consequently, Airtel’s 5G footprint will span key areas such as Nairobi, Kiambu, Mombasa, Nakuru, Uasin Gishu, and more, gradually ensuring a ubiquitous presence in all counties to empower individuals, residences, and enterprises with the boundless opportunities of the 5G network.

“More than just accelerated internet, the 5G network fosters connectivity between individuals, businesses, and communities, unlocking possibilities once deemed unimaginable,” affirmed Airtel Kenya’s Managing Director, Ashish Malhotra, underscoring the company’s steadfast dedication to innovation and connectivity.

Airtel Kenya initially launched its 5G network on 6th July 2023, inaugurating 372 sites, with a resolute commitment to expand further. By offering 5G Home Broadband routers for businesses and residences, Airtel ensures accessibility to 5G services as the number of 5G-enabled device users surges. Notably, the 5G routers offer unlimited packages starting at an affordable rate of KES 3,500 per month, facilitating smoother operations for enterprises and SMEs seeking high-speed connectivity.

To cater to diverse consumer needs, Airtel provides an array of 5G packages, including the 5G Unlimited 10Mbps at KES 3,500, 5G Unlimited 30Mbps at KES 5,500, and 5G Unlimited 50Mbps at KES 7,500 per month. Additionally, individual households can opt for volume-based data plans, starting from KES 2,999. With the widened 5G network, more Kenyans can now make optimal use of these service offerings.

Airtel’s relentless pursuit of innovation remains the cornerstone of the company’s enduring commitment to investing in cutting-edge technologies, continuously shaping the landscape of communication for the future.

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