Airtel Kenya Enhances Network Coverage for Improved Customer Experience

Airtel Kenya has announced plans to expand its network coverage to meet the increasing demand for data services in the country. The expansion will involve deploying 349 sites by the end of this year, with an additional 300 sites in the pipeline, demonstrating the company’s commitment to enhancing connectivity and service quality.

Currently, Airtel Kenya’s network infrastructure covers 89% of the country, spanning over 3,200 sites across all 47 counties.

[L-R] Group CEO of Airtel Africa, Mr. Olusegun Ogunsanya, Bharti Airtel Chairman, Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal, and  Airtel Kenya Managing Director Mr. Ashish Malhotra. 

During a press conference held at Airtel’s offices in Nairobi, Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal, Chairman of Bharti Airtel, expressed the company’s dedication to continuous expansion and innovation. Airtel aims to exceed customer expectations and bridge the digital divide by providing advanced network infrastructure and anticipating customer needs.

To address network connectivity challenges, Airtel has embraced cutting-edge technologies and innovations, such as deploying LTE on the 2600MHz band for capacity expansion and future 5G rollout. They have also introduced VOLTE, Esim, and small cell/street solutions in densely populated areas.

Airtel Africa’s Group CEO, Mr. Olusegun Ogunsanya, emphasized the commitment to delivering exceptional data experiences to customers nationwide. The company invests in new technologies and innovations to enhance connectivity, improve service quality, and ensure seamless communication.

In addition to network expansion, Airtel Kenya focuses on sustainability and environmental responsibility. They are implementing a decarbonization strategy by replacing end-of-life batteries with greener lithium-ion batteries and exploring low-carbon alternative fuels and solar energy for network infrastructure.

While the network expansion enhances Airtel Kenya’s market position, the company remains committed to offering competitive pricing and tariff plans to ensure accessibility for all Kenyans. Airtel Money continues to provide secure and convenient mobile wallet services, enabling seamless transactions and financial freedom. Key benefits include affordable money transfers across networks, free transfers within the Airtel network, zero charges on utility bill payments, and reduced withdrawal charges at Airtel Money agents.

Mr. Ashish Malhotra, Managing Director of Airtel Kenya, expressed pride in the value Airtel Money brings to the people of Kenya. The company is dedicated to providing reduced rates, convenience, and empowerment through a seamless and reliable mobile money experience, along with affordable voice and data services.

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