, Empowers Entrepreneurship Education in Africa

Anzisha Prize, a renowned initiative supporting young entrepreneurs, has officially unveiled, a digital resource library designed to foster entrepreneurship education throughout Africa. As a comprehensive platform, serves as a free, all-in-one hub for entrepreneurship curriculum development tools and publications.

Drawing from a decade of experience in empowering young entrepreneurs, Anzisha Prize has meticulously curated a wealth of content tailored for parents, investors, and educators. This invaluable resource, powered by real-world insights, aims to equip individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in their entrepreneurial journeys or educational programs. Josh Adler, the Chief Programs Officer at African Leadership Academy, expresses the long-term vision for as a collection of objectively outstanding resources accessible to all. offers a diverse range of resources including e-books, research articles, videos, audios, magazines, and newsletters. Adler states that we update materials, providing users with insights and best practices. Teachers can leverage case studies and films, while entrepreneurs and program managers benefit too.

Moreover, the resource hub provides aspiring young entrepreneurs with an opportunity to tap into the wisdom of expert communities. Accessing this platform inspires and supports individuals with leadership potential on their entrepreneurial journey, increasing their chances of success.

The Anzisha Prize Theory of Change guides, promoting entrepreneurship as a viable career path for young people. Adler emphasizes transforming the mindset of African parents, teachers, and communities to recognize entrepreneurship’s potential. The organization aims to demonstrate that entrepreneurship can provide a rewarding career while fostering an environment conducive to entrepreneurial success.

In a decade, the Anzisha Prize collaborated with parents, educators, investors, and policymakers to enhance young entrepreneurs’ prospects. They harnessed insights to address high unemployment through youth entrepreneurship.

These invaluable lessons now have a permanent home on, ensuring accessibility for all. To gain unlimited access to a wealth of resources and tools, users simply need to register once on the platform. These resources and tools are available for download whenever they are needed.

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