BasiGo Launches E9 Kubwa, 36-Seat Electric Bus for Kenya

BasiGo, a leading company in the field of electric mobility, has unveiled its latest innovation, the “E9 Kubwa.” This electric bus, meticulously crafted to cater to the specific needs of the Kenyan market, marks a significant stride forward.

In a momentous move, the initial phase of testing for the E9 Kubwa has commenced, with two buses deployed for pilot trials. These buses are currently in service with BasiGo’s esteemed clients: Super Metro, OMA Services, Embassava, Citti Hoppa, Metro Trans, and East Shuttle, operating along the Dandora route.

Capable of accommodating 36 seated passengers, the E9 Kubwa also offers standing room for an additional 18 passengers. With a design optimized for urban bus operations, which typically cater to passenger loads of 33 to 41 individuals, this electric bus exemplifies BasiGo’s dedication to meeting the demands of modern transportation.

Remarkably, the E9 Kubwa boasts a swift recharge time of 2 hours at BasiGo’s DC Fast charging depots. On a single mid-day charge, the bus can cover distances of up to 400 km. Similar to BasiGo’s earlier K6 Electric Bus release, the E9 Kubwa guarantees an enhanced passenger experience, complete with luxurious leather seating, WiFi connectivity, state-of-the-art CCTV cameras, and USB charging ports at every seat.

In a statement, Jit Bhattacharya, the CEO of BasiGo, expressed his pride in introducing the E9 Kubwa, an electric bus tailored specifically to Nairobi’s Public Service Vehicle (PSV) sector. Bhattacharya highlighted the exceptional attributes of this cutting-edge vehicle, which not only contributes to a cleaner and more sustainable Nairobi but also ensures passenger safety and comfort. Additionally, it provides greater value to PSV operators. BasiGo has ingeniously made the E9 Kubwa accessible to all bus operators in the city through its innovative Pay-As-You-Drive financing model. Notably, all E9 Kubwa units produced by BasiGo will be manufactured locally in Kenya, beginning later this year.

Under the Pay-As-You-Drive financing framework, BasiGo is offering the E9 Kubwa for purchase at Ksh 7.5 Million, accompanied by a mileage-dependent subscription of Ksh 40 per kilometer. This subscription covers both charging and maintenance services provided by BasiGo. Additionally, BasiGo has unveiled an alternative lease option, allowing owners to adopt the electric bus with a significantly lower upfront cost. Each E9 Kubwa electric bus is projected to make a substantial impact on Kenya’s sustainability goals, potentially curbing diesel consumption by 20,000 liters annually and reducing CO2 emissions by an impressive 50 tonnes per year.

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