Bolt Addresses Licence Renewal Concerns

Bolt seeks to emphasize that their business activities continue without interruption, and their current license remains legally valid.

In accordance with Section 32[4] of the NTSA Act, Bolt is authorized to operate until the license application process reaches an official decision. The NTSA Act stipulates that “If on the date of the expiration of a licenseā€¦proceedings are pending before the Authority on an application by the licensee for the grant to him of a new license, the existing license shall continue in force until the application is determinedā€¦”

The process of renewing the license is currently underway, with continuous communication and collaboration with the National Transport and Safety Authority. Bolt anticipates its completion by Monday, October 30, 2023, as confirmed in the communication received from NTSA by Bolt.

Responding promptly to NTSA’s concerns regarding the booking fee and commission, we have taken decisive measures. Adhering strictly to NTSA’s guidelines, Bolt has suspended the booking fee temporarily, awaiting clarification from NTSA regarding the interpretation of the relevant regulation.

“It is crucial to emphasize that our commission structure strictly conforms to the mandated regulatory requirement, capping at 18%. We reassert our steadfast dedication to conducting our operations in strict adherence to the law, ensuring full alignment with the legal framework. We remain committed to maintaining close collaboration with the regulator to ensure a positive and successful outcome.” says Linda Ndungu, Country Manager.

Bolt assures all its users that their services are still readily accessible nationwide.

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