Bowmans Embraces SD-WAN with CMC Networks to Modernize and Optimize its Network Infrastructure

CMC Networks, has embarked on a transformative journey with Bowmans, one of South Africa’s prestigious Big Five law firms. Bowmans, operating in Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zambia, picked CMC Networks to update its network.

CMC Networks has devised a comprehensive end-to-end SD-WAN solution, tailored to meet the unique demands of Bowmans’ extensive African operations. CMC’s IP Premier DIA service, combined with third-party broadband, fosters flexible connectivity in Bowmans’ diverse African markets.

The implementation strategy is marked by a thoughtful integration of a fully meshed Juniper Session Smart Router [SSR] SD-WAN with high availability nodes positioned at each branch. This strategic alignment with Bowmans’ existing MPLS network paves the way for a gradual and seamless migration to SD-WAN. Such a phased approach is instrumental in enhancing cost-efficiency, optimizing network performance, and elevating customer experiences across various markets.

CMC Networks, under the insightful leadership of CEO Marisa Trisolino, has championed the adoption of SD-WAN, recognizing it as a pivotal model that resonates with the dynamic and cloud-centric business landscapes of today. The collaboration with Bowmans signifies a mutual vision of embracing flexibility and innovation in network infrastructure, essential for navigating the fast-paced market landscapes prevalent in Africa and beyond.

The implementation blueprint also features a robust backup mechanism, ensuring operational continuity and resilience. CMC strategically deployed a dedicated high availability node in its Johannesburg data center, ensuring seamless interconnectivity with Bowmans’ existing MPLS network. This setup is further strengthened by the incorporation of supplementary virtual appliances within Microsoft Azure, thereby boosting connectivity to Bowmans’ workloads and guaranteeing redundancy.

Bowmans, aiming for African expansion, prizes network agility as vital for its continuous growth and continental outreach.

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