Carrier Solutions Revolutionizing Kenya’s Data Center Industry

AHI Carrier FZC [AHIC], a Carrier joint venture company with a global presence, is setting its sights on expanding its market share in Kenya’s dynamic digital industry. Over 200 industry leaders, innovators, and partners attended a summit in Nairobi, where this plan was unveiled. Ajay Garg, the Regional Business Manager of AHIC, emphasized the growing demand for data centers in Kenya as a significant opportunity for the company to establish itself as a leading provider of comprehensive data center solutions.

Garg highlighted the company’s expertise in delivering high-density, energy-efficient cooling solutions, air cooling systems, and integrating data centers with smart city infrastructures. He highlighted that AHIC designs its advanced, environmentally friendly chillers to meet the diverse needs of data centers.

Additionally, Carrier Solutions’ dedication to fostering regional data expansion is in harmony with the current trends in digital transformation, the rise of fintech solutions, and the broader development of infrastructure. This alignment illustrates a proactive approach to embracing and facilitating the evolving digital landscape.

Ajay Garg, AHI Carrier Regional Business Manager

Carrier Solutions, a part of AHIC, offers a range of energy-efficient HVAC solutions tailored to the burgeoning data demand in Kenya. The company’s approach to digital infrastructure is to provide cutting-edge data center solutions, empowering businesses to excel in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Garg stressed the company’s dedication to innovation and excellence, aiming to set new standards in data center service reliability and efficiency.

This strategic move coincides with the Kenyan government’s enactment of a data protection act, prompting many firms to comply with data protection laws. AHIC offers energy-efficient products with advanced technology, alongside modern and innovative heating, cooling, air conditioning, HVAC, and refrigeration solutions from Carrier and Toshiba.

Carrier Solutions specializes in comprehensive data center solutions, focusing on design, construction, and consultancy. The company actively pioneers new standards of excellence in Kenya’s data center sector, strategically emphasizing high-density cooling solutions, air cooling systems, and smart city data center integration.

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