Chipper Cash and Visa Deepen Partnership to Advance Digital Payments in Africa

Chipper Cash, has recently announced their collaboration with Visa to accelerate growth and promote financial inclusion in Africa.

The alliance between Chipper Cash and Visa dates back to 2021, when they joined efforts to launch the Chipper Card, a product that has since allowed Chipper’s customers to execute global transactions through Visa’s network. With over one million cards already issued, making it the top distributor of virtual cards in Africa, Chipper Cash seeks to further exploit Visa’s broad expertise and investment through this enhanced agreement.

This reinforced partnership encompasses sustained cooperation in card issuance and extends to embrace combined endeavors in regulation and function, such as Visa licensing and marketing initiatives. This amalgamation aims to capitalize on the distinct strengths of both Chipper’s insights and Visa’s extensive capabilities.

Brett Macgrath, the Chief Product Officer at Chipper Cash, expressed enthusiasm about fortifying the partnership with Visa, indicating that such an alliance empowers Chipper Cash to expedite the achievement of its strategic goals. The union promises to tap into Visa’s international presence to continually offer superior products and services to their customers.

Echoing this sentiment, Meagan Rabe, Visa’s Senior Director of Fintechs for Sub-Saharan Africa, highlighted the eagerness to nurture the partnership, underpinning the company’s commitment to meet the increasing demand for digital financial solutions in Africa. This joint effort is set to drive significant progress across the continent.

Further adding to the discourse, Tefiro Serunjogi, the Head of Consumer Products at Chipper Cash, underscored the significance of swiftly delivering trustworthy products like the Chipper Card. He noted the transformative impact these services have, not just as commercial successes but as catalysts for growth and opportunity. Revealing that for 21% of their customers, their Chipper Card was a maiden foray into the domain of payment cards, Serunjogi emphasized the company’s ambitions to not only broaden their card program but to escalate their role in fostering financial inclusivity for millions, backed by Visa’s global prowess.

This strategic partnership announcement with Visa signifies a further stride towards fulfilling Chipper Cash’s mission to offer dependable financial services to the African populace and others globally. This comes on the heels of Chipper Cash’s revelation of the Chipper ID, an AI-powered verification and onboarding solution devised explicitly for the African market, introduced a mere two months prior.

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