CMC Networks Optimizes Global Connectivity

CMC Networks has significantly improved its operations by relocating to new offices in Sandton, South Africa, and upgrading its Global Network Operations Centre [GNOC]. This enhancement focuses on increasing network and operational efficiency and improving customer experiences through greater use of Artificial Intelligence [AI] and automation.

The upgrade features the implementation of Juniper Mist AI. This technology fully integrates the company’s network infrastructure, including switching, routing, and Access Points [AP]. It employs AI, machine learning, and data science to streamline operations in wireless and wired access, as well as in software-defined wide-area networks (SD-WAN). The system gathers advanced data from APs, switches, routers, and firewalls, optimizing customer experiences from start to finish.

Marisa Trisolino, CEO of CMC Networks, emphasizes that this upgrade reflects the company’s commitment to digital transformation for better customer service. The improved network and operations, equipped with AI-powered insights, aim to proactively address issues, ensuring a smoother customer experience.

Additionally, CMC Networks is enhancing its AI capabilities in its operations with a new IT service management [ITSM] platform. This platform integrates network automation and advanced AI-driven insights powered by NetBrain and BigPanda. These technologies significantly enhance the company’s NOC team’s ability to support customers with improved network visibility, automation, and intelligence.

Geoff Dornan, CTO at CMC Networks, highlights the transformative impact of AI in global networking. He notes that these advancements will enable the company to better meet customer demands with new levels of visibility, efficiency, and performance. This ongoing development of their network and solutions is part of CMC Networks’ commitment to leveraging emerging technologies to surpass customer expectations.

This network upgrade is part of CMC Networks’ strategy to enhance service availability and customer experiences, as well as to accelerate its digital transformation. This development follows the company’s recent acquisition by center3, which opens up new growth opportunities in Africa and the Middle East.

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