Communication Authority of Kenya to Curb Emerging Cyber Threats

The Communications Authority of Kenya [CA] has taken proactive steps to bolster cybersecurity by providing training to young cybersecurity experts nationwide. This effort aligns with the government’s initiative to digitize services, enabling citizens to engage with government offerings online.

During the conclusion of the one-week Boot Camp and Hackathon series in Eldoret, CA Director General Mr. Ezra Chiloba emphasized that the program was established in line with the global recognition of October as Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The program, launched a few weeks ago, aims to provide opportunities for young cybersecurity talents to compete, demonstrate their skills, and showcase their products and services in the realm of cybersecurity.

Communications Authority of Kenya [CA] Director General Ezra Chiloba [Right] awards Andrew Karanja [Left] from the winning team in the cyber security bootcamp competition hosted by CA in Eldoret.

In light of the increasing digitization of the world, Chiloba emphasized the significance of building self-secure and resilient systems. He stressed that ensuring the security of digital platforms is crucial to delivering a seamless experience to customers accessing these services. The boot camp and hackathon series serve as an effective means to introduce young minds to this field through capacity-building.

Chiloba expressed the intention to subject projects developed by young cybersecurity experts to competition. The goal is to recognize outstanding contributions in the field, with the final awards ceremony scheduled for October 16th in Naivasha. This event aims to bring forth some of the finest cybersecurity products conceived by individuals from across the country.

The director general highlighted the importance of capacity building in terms of imparting critical cybersecurity skills and establishing suitable support systems for digital infrastructure. Chiloba extended his challenge to county governments, urging them to become active participants in the digital space. He encouraged them to prioritize not only automation but also cybersecurity considerations.

Furthermore, Chiloba urged different sectors, particularly within the government, to involve cybersecurity professionals in all digital-related programs. This strategic involvement ensures that systems remain secure not only in the present but also for the future.

Addressing the alarming cybersecurity statistics in Kenya, Chiloba revealed that the country experiences a substantial number of daily cyberattacks. He emphasized the need to monitor cyberspace continuously, offer advisories, and collaborate with key players to mitigate risks and shield the nation from the negative impacts of cyber threats.

Chiloba noted that the National Computer Incident Response Team, a multi-agency initiative, currently operates under the authority’s purview. This team collaborates with security sector entities to monitor cyberspace, identify risks, and issue advisories for necessary actions. Chiloba cited the example of the E-citizen platform challenges, which prompted effective collaboration among relevant agencies to swiftly restore normal operations.

Highlighting the importance of collaboration and a progressive policy framework, Chiloba called for enhanced coordination among key players in the cybersecurity sector. He stressed the need for substantial resource allocation to ensure a robust digital society experience.

Notable attendees at the event included Mr. Etiko Omungu, Regional Manager at CA Western Regional Office, Mr. Fredrick Wahome of the Kenya Cyber Security and Forensics Association [KCSFA], Dr. Vincent Ngundi, Acting Director of Cybersecurity at CA, Mr. Adam Lane from Huawei, and other distinguished individuals.

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