Connectbase and CMC Networks to Automate Connectivity in 60+ Countries  

A strategic collaboration has been forged between CMC Networks, a prominent global Tier 1 service provider, and Connectbase, a renowned industry cloud specializing in connectivity. Their partnership is set to revolutionize the landscape of automated connectivity quoting across more than 60 countries spanning Africa and the Middle East.

The heart of this collaboration is the integration of CMC Networks’ extensive pricing data and network reach into Connectbase’s Configure Price Quote [CPQ] platform known as “The Connected World.”

Through this partnership, service providers around the world will gain seamless access to CMC Networks’ real-time pricing information and network availability across Africa and the Middle East, precisely when they need it. CMC Networks has fully integrated its comprehensive services catalog into the Connectbase platform, thereby fostering enhanced supplier integration. This integration empowers the automation of service feasibility assessments, quoting processes, and order placement.

“The Connected World” platform, underpinned by location intelligence, marks a significant evolution in the buying and selling of network services. It facilitates the seamless and efficient connection of buyers and sellers. This transformative platform currently serves approximately 300 providers globally and boasts profiles of over 2.6 billion locations across more than 150 countries. Connectbase meticulously curates location and network intelligence from various sources to offer customers a detailed and precise view of any location, facilitating effective connectivity transactions.

Marisa Trisolino, CEO at CMC Networks, emphasized the partnership’s significance, stating, “Our partnership with Connectbase enables more organizations to rapidly access the pricing information they need and connect across Africa and the Middle East. The partnership will benefit the entire ICT ecosystem and simplify and streamline how organizations connect in some of the most dynamic and high-growth markets in the world. We are continuing to find new ways to support the growth of Africa’s digital economies.”

Notably, CMC Networks boasts the largest pan-African network, covering 51 out of 54 African countries and 12 Middle Eastern countries, offering competitive and standardized pricing. Furthermore, it maintains regional hubs in critical interconnect locations across Europe, the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific region. As a result of this partnership, Connectbase customers worldwide, including those in the United States, gain access to up-to-date, data-driven insights into regions that were previously less comprehensively covered on the platform.

The Connected World platform empowers CMC Networks to extend its quoting capabilities across a global scale. Buyers can now access CMC Networks’ services with enhanced visibility, aided by the platform’s location intelligence and automated processes. This expanded visibility opens up new global opportunities for increased sales and greater revenues, allowing CMC Networks to maintain its leading market share and expansive footprint.

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