Cybersecurity Partnership Boosts African Resilience

LogRhythm, a company dedicated to empowering security teams in thwarting breaches by converting disparate data and signals into reliable insights, has collaborated with Dataproof Communications, a prominent IT services and consulting firm specializing in cybersecurity operations.

Together, they aim to enhance cyber resilience in Africa by offering LogRhythm’s managed Security Operations Center [SOC] services. This partnership equips Dataproof to assist its clientele in combating escalating digital threats using a simplified and user-friendly Security Information and Event Management [SIEM] platform.

Through the deployment of LogRhythm’s SOC services, Dataproof furnishes its clients with comprehensive visibility into their IT landscapes, particularly crucial amidst Africa’s rapid digital transformation. With Africa’s digital economy projected to contribute nearly $180 billion to regional growth by 2025, cybersecurity assumes unprecedented importance.

Mazen Adnan Dohaji, General Manager and Vice President, METAPAC at LogRhythm, remarked on the evolving threat landscape in Africa, emphasizing the challenges posed by advanced persistent threats [APTs] amid increased digital adoption. This underscores the urgency for heightened cybersecurity measures, facilitated by the partnership with Dataproof, to fortify security across Africa.

Dataproof, committed to delivering top-tier cybersecurity solutions to its diverse clientele, including African governments and the public sector, selected LogRhythm’s SOC services for their ability to provide cost-effective threat detection solutions. Thapeli Matsabu, CEO at Dataproof, highlighted affordability as a pivotal factor in choosing LogRhythm, emphasizing the importance of a solution that ensures robust threat detection without exorbitant costs.

LogRhythm’s SIEM platform enhances the analyst experience by offering a straightforward security narrative, accelerating threat detection. This diminishes alarm fatigue and streamlines incident response, enabling security teams to concentrate on addressing pertinent threats efficiently.

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