Africa, Middle East, Turkey are Hotspots for Cyberthreats

During the Kaspersky Cyber Security Weekend – META 2024, experts highlighted that cyber threats targeting computers, including laptops and desktops, remained a significant challenge in 2023. Kaspersky’s security solutions successfully blocked over 72.7 million threats in the Middle East, 36.7 million in Africa, and 9.4 million in Turkey. Approximately 41% of users in the Middle East, 44% in Africa, and 38% in Turkey were at risk of these threats.

The conversation also touched on how the adoption of thin clients, which are less expensive workstations, could reduce these threats when equipped with a Cyber Immune operating system, contrasting the vulnerabilities present in traditional operating systems like Linux and Windows.

Kaspersky Thin Client, the next-gen endpoint solution designed for seamless integration into cloud and hybrid workspaces

Kaspersky has teamed up with Centerm, a leading producer of thin clients, to create the Kaspersky Thin Client [KTC], the first of its kind to offer Cyber Immunity without the need for additional antivirus tools. This innovation aims to establish a secure, manageable, and efficient infrastructure based on the principles of being secure by design and embracing the Cyber Immune approach. The heart of this solution is the KasperskyOS, a custom operating system designed to mitigate vulnerabilities that traditional clients often face, complemented by a management console for easier oversight and maintenance of the thin client infrastructure.

This solution is deemed ideal for various sectors, including government, education, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, finance, retail, and more, due to its ability to handle standard tasks efficiently and securely. Business Development Director at Aswant Distribution, Fazlirizam Mohammed Nor, shared that Cyber Immune thin clients are being rolled out in multiple industries, offering a secure and cost-effective alternative to conventional computers. Victor Ivanovsky, a lead at Kaspersky OS, emphasized the vulnerability of traditional thin clients to hacking, underscoring the shift towards Cyber Immunity as a future-proof approach in cybersecurity, proven effective through rigorous testing by partners and clients.

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