Data-Driven Harvest: ThriveAgric Empowers 100k Farmers

ThriveAgric, Nigeria’s foremost agricultural technology company, has initiated the ThriveAgric 2023/2024 dry season farming cycle, aiming to support over 100,000 smallholder farmers in northern Nigeria. The objective is to facilitate the production of more than 300,000 metric tons of grains by providing farmers with essential resources such as irrigation facilities, drought-resistant input, technological access, storage, and premium market opportunities. The official launch took place at an event in Jigawa state, Nigeria, attended by key stakeholders, including financial institutions, government representatives, farmers, and community leaders from Jigawa, Bauchi, and Kano.

Discussions at the event focused on the challenges and opportunities associated with crop cultivation during the dry season, particularly from August to September in the South and September to April in the North. The scarcity of rainfall and high temperatures during this period necessitate reliance on irrigation, making access to water sources and drought-resistant seeds critical factors influencing food security. The World Bank highlights that only 1 percent of Nigeria’s agriculture is irrigated, emphasizing the need to expand and optimize irrigation infrastructure for increased productivity in the sector.

Oshone Anavhe, Vice President, Operations at ThriveAgric, emphasized the significance of the dry season in Nigeria’s agriculture. He noted that despite approximately 95% of food production in Sub-Saharan Africa relying on rainfed agriculture, the dry season remains largely untapped due to inadequate infrastructure and the scarcity of drought-resistant inputs. ThriveAgric aims to address these challenges in the 2023/2024 farming cycle by partnering with various stakeholders, particularly focusing on wheat, rice, and maize value chains.

ThriveAgric’s strategic collaborations, such as its partnership with Sterling Bank, reflect its commitment to providing innovative financial solutions for farmers. Matthew Omega, Regional Manager at Sterling Bank, highlighted the transformative power of agriculture to drive economic growth and sustainability. The collaboration aims to empower smallholder farmers, promote responsible financial practices, and contribute to a future where prosperity and sustainability coexist.

ThriveAgric’s mission, centered on building the largest network of profitable farmers, leverages partnerships to improve the social and economic conditions of smallholder farmers in Nigeria. By granting farmers access to irrigation facilities during the dry season, ThriveAgric enables them to double or triple their regular yields, enhancing profitability, improving living standards, and bolstering food security across the country. The company urges the government to invest in essential infrastructure to attract more investors and engage additional farmers in dry season farming, potentially jumpstarting food sufficiency in Nigeria.

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