Dimension Data’s Rise as NTT Data, Unlocking Growth

According to the narrative surrounding Dimension Data’s transformation into NTT Data, the change represents a strategic move within the context of modern technology and global business expansion. Since NTT acquired Dimension Data in 2010, the partnership has flourished, largely due to NTT’s substantial investment in research and development. This collaboration has introduced a stream of innovative products and services, including a platform that delivers managed services.

The rebranding signifies Dimension Data’s integration into a larger entity, positioning it within the top five technology firms globally. This transition is not merely a change in name but marks a significant milestone in Dimension Data’s journey, offering a tremendous growth trajectory by becoming a member of a global conglomerate operating across 57 countries.

Richard Hechle, Managing Director, Dimension Data

The rebranding effort will elevate the company to the status of the third-largest Data Center Provider worldwide, backed by an extensive network of 80 data centers across 20 countries. This strategic move is designed to bolster and expedite the company’s growth in the Middle East and Africa [MEA] region by providing comprehensive services and innovations spanning consulting, applications infrastructure, connectivity, and operations.

Moreover, the transition is set to offer employees broader career and development opportunities, reflecting the organization’s commitment to its workforce. For clients, it means access to a suite of globally recognized, differentiated services and industry-specific solutions that promise to enhance their competitive edge.

The rebranding also aims to harness the growing synergy between IT and connectivity services, such as smart solutions and Edge as a Service, to push the digital agenda of the region forward in a manner that is both sustainable and inclusive. This evolution from Dimension Data to NTT Data embodies a forward-looking approach to navigating the complexities of the global technology landscape, ensuring that the organization remains at the forefront of innovation and service excellence.

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