E-Tourism Frontiers Will Integrate AI and Big Data to Stay Ahead of the Curve in Online Tourism Trends

E-Tourism Frontiers, a renowned online tourism consultancy known for crafting digital tourism strategies for global markets, has unveiled its relaunch. This significant development follows the unfortunate passing of its CEO and founder, Damian Cook, in November of the previous year.

Originally founded as E-Tourism Africa in 2007, the company underwent a transformation and rebranded itself as E-Tourism Frontiers in 2010, signifying its expanded focus on regions such as Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. While maintaining its core mission of promoting sustainable, community-based tourism, the company is now poised to explore the pivotal role of AI and Big Data in the tourism sector.

Taking the reins as the Managing Director is Sarah Mathews, a globally recognized expert in online tourism, boasting over three decades of experience in marketing and digital strategies. Mathews brings a wealth of knowledge accumulated during her decade-long tenure as Director of Media Partnerships for TripAdvisor across the Asia Pacific. Her extensive background encompasses collaboration with corporate entities and tourism boards alike, including her notable role as the youngest-ever female Chair of PATA (the Pacific Asia Travel Association). She also shared a fruitful decade-long partnership with Damian Cook, where they identified emerging travel trends and provided invaluable strategic insights to keep the industry connected with its ever-evolving audience.

In expressing her sentiments, Mathews stated, “Stepping into the position of Managing Director at E-Tourism Frontiers is both a thrilling opportunity and a humbling responsibility. Damian’s sudden departure last year left a profound void, not only within our organization but also across the diverse destinations he served, spanning from Kenya to Jordan, Rwanda, and beyond. I am excited and profoundly committed to carrying forward Damian’s legacy, ensuring that the businesses and destinations he collaborated with continue to benefit from the same level of innovation and passion that he embodied.”

Under Mathews’ leadership, E-Tourism Frontiers will integrate AI and Big Data analysis to remain at the forefront of online tourism trends. Mathews articulated her vision by saying, “As we embark on this new phase in E-Tourism Frontiers’ journey, I am acutely aware of the ever-evolving landscape of travel and tourism. The pressing need for sustainable practices, the ever-shifting consumer demands, and the advent of AI are all factors demanding our attention and proactive engagement. My vision for ETF is to sustain its position as a leader in digital marketing consultancy, guiding the industry through these transformations with conscious, data-driven strategies that honor both our clients’ objectives and the world we operate in.”

She added, “We aim to showcase the advantages of both AI and Big Data and emphasize their applicability in day-to-day business operations. Part of ETF’s role is to ensure that the developing world does not fall behind due to the digital divide.”

Accompanying Mathews in this exciting new chapter of E-Tourism Frontiers is Elizabeth Cook, who is returning to the role of Director of Marketing. As women leaders, Mathews and Cook bring a distinctive perspective and synergy to the company’s leadership. Mathews expressed, “We are elated to lead E-Tourism Frontiers as a collaborative team. Our combined experience, insights, and vision will not only drive growth but also nurture a culture of inclusivity, innovation, and empowerment. We firmly believe in the potential and influence of a company led by women and are enthusiastic about the unique contributions this dynamic will bring. Additionally, our dual focus on Asia and Africa enriches our collective perspective.”

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