Empowering Women in Technology with an Inclusive Future

Sama, a leading provider of data annotation and model validation solutions, has reiterated its dedication to supporting women in technology across its operations worldwide, including in Kenya, Uganda, North America, and Europe. In light of International Women’s Day, the company has unveiled plans to empower women at every stage of their careers throughout 2024.

This initiative encompasses various activities such as conducting educational sessions in secondary schools, organizing thought leadership discussions and technology roundtables featuring influential women in the field, and highlighting the accomplishments of inspiring women within the company and the broader industry on social media.

Wendy Gonzalez, CEO of Sama

Wendy Gonzalez, CEO of Sama, emphasized the company’s commitment to creating an inclusive environment where individuals of all genders can thrive. She acknowledged the persistent gender gap in the tech industry and emphasized Sama’s role in nurturing the next generation of female leaders to foster a more equitable future in AI.

Sama stands out in the tech industry for its significant representation of women in its workforce. Over half of the company’s employees identify as female, including nearly half of its senior managers and half of its executive team. The company continuously evaluates its practices, policies, and culture to address any disparities and strives to create an inclusive environment through third-party assessments when necessary.

To encourage more women to participate in the digital economy, Sama has implemented various programs, including a lecture series aimed at educating young people, particularly girls from financially disadvantaged backgrounds, about the opportunities available in the tech industry. The company’s Vice President of Marketing, Lisa Avvocato, will kick off this initiative with a lecture at a secondary school in Kenya.

Sama’s commitment to gender equality is evident through its ongoing initiatives, such as hosting events and talks by and for women, providing mentorship and leadership development opportunities, and promoting inclusivity through social media campaigns. The company also upholds gender balance, equal opportunities, and fair pay policies throughout its hiring process and beyond.

Furthermore, Sama’s success as a company contributes to the efforts of the Leila Janah Foundation [LJF], its primary shareholder, in providing employment opportunities to underserved women and youth in East Africa. The LJF recently introduced the Women Founders Award, aimed at supporting female entrepreneurs in rural western Kenya through mentorship and funding initiatives.

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