enza and Wema Bank Partner to Improve Ecommerce Payment Acceptance in Nigeria

enza, a highly regarded disruptor in the African payments sector, has officially unveiled a strategic collaboration with Wema Bank, renowned for its innovative approach in Nigeria. This dynamic partnership will see enza deploying its cutting-edge payment orchestration solution to augment Wema Bank’s ecommerce payment capabilities. The result will be an elevated merchant experience, bolstered payment security, heightened service dependability, and substantial cost savings through transaction optimization.

Wema Bank, celebrated for its forward-looking mindset and dedication to innovation, is set to harness the power of enza’s payment orchestration prowess to enrich its existing ecommerce payment offerings. Notably, Wema Bank is the trailblazer behind Africa’s inaugural fully digital bank, ALAT, and holds a preeminent status within Nigeria’s banking landscape. This alliance signifies another stride in the bank’s digital transformation journey, reinforcing its vanguard position in pioneering payment innovations across Nigeria.

The enza payment orchestration service promises an array of advantages for Wema Bank’s diverse clientele, spanning businesses and individuals. Merchants will enjoy access to an enhanced suite of payment processing features, empowering them to accept a broader spectrum of payment alternatives, encompassing all major payment cards, e-wallets, and more. The optimized and robust payment workflows will ensure seamless and rapid transactions, thereby heightening the overall user experience for both payers and payees.

enza, having made significant waves in the industry since its inception just last year, holds a compelling mission to streamline payments across the region, facilitating smooth and secure transactions spanning the Middle East and Africa. Hany Fekry, enza’s CEO, articulated, “This fresh partnership with a premier Nigerian bank propels us further towards realizing that mission.”

Tunde Mabawonku, Wema Bank’s Executive Director of Retail and Digital Business, underscores that this innovation will empower the bank’s customers to embrace a broader array of payment alternatives, including diverse payment cards and e-wallets. Mabawonku envisions that the efficient and robust payment processes will ensure prompt and hassle-free transaction completion, thus elevating the holistic customer experience for both payment initiators and recipients.

Damola Bolodeoku, Divisional Head of Payment Business at Wema Bank, emphasizes the seamless alignment between this collaboration and the bank’s overarching strategy of ongoing innovation and service enhancement. Bolodeoku states, “As a institution that prides itself on leading the digital frontier within the banking sector, we are thrilled to synergize with enza Group to introduce a transformative ecommerce payment gateway solution. Through this collaboration, we eagerly anticipate amplifying our ecommerce payment capacities and delivering augmented value to our customers through every channel.”

Amidst the rapid evolution of digital payment technologies in the region, this partnership provides an avenue for enza and Wema Bank to reshape the ecommerce payment landscape. Both the bank and its customers stand to gain from heightened security measures, top-tier service reliability, and most notably, substantial cost reductions.

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