Epson Increases Investment in GITAI, a Space Robotics Development Start-Up

Seiko Epson Corporation and its subsidiary Epson X Investment Corporation recently invested in GITAI Japan Inc., a start-up developing space robots. The investment was made through their EP-GB Investment Limited Partnership.

GITAI is a Japanese start-up aiming to provide safe and affordable labor in space. They are developing versatile space robots to perform tasks inside and outside space stations, as well as in Earth’s orbit, the Moon, and Mars. They also plan to offer space services.

Mukesh Bector, the Regional Head for East and West Africa at Epson, stated that Epson and GITAI have forged a robust alliance aimed at spearheading the advancement of space robotics. By merging their respective capabilities at the cutting edge of technological advancements, Epson and GITAI are committed to revolutionizing space exploration and labor.

Pooling their expertise and resources, Epson and GITAI are diligently working together to create state-of-the-art space robots. These highly advanced robots have been meticulously designed to undertake a diverse range of tasks both within and beyond space stations. Through their innovation, these robots are poised to fundamentally transform operational practices in the realm of space.

Epson and GITAI have formed a strong partnership to lead space robotics development and revolutionize space exploration. They are combining their expertise and resources to create state-of-the-art space robots capable of a wide range of tasks.

The demand for space work is expected to increase with space development, including lunar resource exploration, Mars missions, and the commercialization of the International Space Station. GITAI’s robots aim to reduce risks, costs, and the need for astronaut involvement.

Epson recognizes the potential of robotics in various industries and aims to optimize productivity, efficiency, and safety through advanced robotics solutions. They aim to reshape daily lives and work dynamics, driving manufacturing innovation and reducing environmental impacts.

GITAI has a track record in developing lunar work and extravehicular robots, as well as successfully conducting on-board experiments on the ISS. Epson sees potential applications for GITAI’s space robot technology in its robotics business and believes it is competitive in the growing space market.

Epson’s decision to make an additional investment in GITAI demonstrates confidence in the company’s capabilities and technological advancements. They will continue to pursue partnerships and synergies based on their proprietary technologies to contribute to a sustainable society.

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