Epson’s Eco-Packaging Wins WorldStar Award

Epson Corporation, a global tech leader, won the WorldStar Global Packaging Award 2024 in the Electronics category for its eco-friendly cushioning material made from recycled copier paper. This is Epson’s second WorldStar Award, following their first in 2007 for ink packaging for large-format printers.

The WorldStar Awards, organized by the World Packaging Organisation [WPO], honor packages that have previously won national or regional awards. The winners are chosen for their excellence in packaging technology and design.

Mukesh Bector, Epson’s Regional Head for East and West Africa, highlighted the significance of transitioning from petroleum-based to eco-friendly cushioning materials. He stated that using recycled copier paper and Epson’s Dry Fiber Technology has created cushioning materials that outperform traditional ones while maintaining the same packaging dimensions and promoting recycling.

This WorldStar Award acknowledges Epson’s innovation in packaging and environmental efforts. Additionally, the cushioning material received the President of Japan Productivity Center for Socio-Economic Development Award in the Japan Packaging Contest 2023 and an award in the Transportation Package category at the AsiaStar 2023 Awards.

Epson continues to focus on reducing, reusing, and recycling resources in packaging. The company plans to expand the use of Dry Fiber Technology and other eco-friendly innovations to achieve the sustainability goals outlined in its Epson 25 Renewed corporate vision.

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