Flourish Surveys African Founders’ Mental Fitness

With Local Ecosystem Partners, Early-Stage VC Firm Aims to Raise Awareness & Support 

Flourish Ventures, a venture capital firm focusing on early-stage fintech globally, has launched a pioneering research initiative called The African Founder Well-being Survey.

By partnering with Startup Snapshot and leveraging local ecosystem collaborations, Flourish aims to explore the distinct challenges faced by tech entrepreneurs in Egypt, Kenya, and Nigeria. “This effort seeks to highlight the pressures and potential burnout faced by these founders amid economic uncertainties”, noted by Efayomi Carr, an investment principal at Flourish.

This initiative represents a significant step towards understanding and supporting the well-being of African tech founders, a subject that has received little attention but is critical to both personal and business success. Through the insights gathered from this survey, Flourish intends to foster a global conversation on founder well-being, establish stronger local support networks, and promote a more comprehensive approach to developing the African tech ecosystem.

This survey builds upon Flourish’s previous research in Brazil with Endeavour and invites VC-backed founders in the targeted African countries to share their experiences anonymously, contributing to a broader understanding and facilitating positive developments in the ecosystem.

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