Geothermal Data Centre to Power Digital Economy in Kenya

The Olkaria EcoCLOUD Data Centre is a groundbreaking initiative in the world of data technology.This innovative data center represents a milestone as the first of its kind, setting new standards for eco-friendly infrastructure. Nestled within the KenGen Smart Industrial Park in Naivasha, it is uniquely powered by renewable geothermal energy, marking a significant step towards sustainable, clean, and reliable data solutions.

This state-of-the-art facility will harness the full potential of Olkaria’s 953 Megawatts geothermal power generation capacity, marking the inaugural major investment at the newly established KenGen Smart Industrial Park. This endeavor aligns perfectly with green, reliable, and sustainable power sources.

3D Aerial View of the Olkaria EcoCLOUD Data Centre Project Render

Dubbed “Project Eagle,” this data center initiative draws inspiration from the annual migration of eagles from Europe to Africa, particularly Kenya. The primary goal is to leverage the power of data and data traffic, fostering eco-friendly and cost-effective connectivity between East Africa and the global community.

During the groundbreaking event, Prime Cabinet Secretary Hon. Musalia Mudavadi emphasized how the Olkaria EcoCLOUD Data Project would seamlessly integrate clean energy and technology, furthering the Kenyan government’s commitment to building a sustainable future for the nation and the region. He stated, “This groundbreaking project intertwines technology and sustainability, propelling Kenya into the forefront of the digital era and shaping the country’s greener, smarter future.”

Hon. Eliud Owalo, Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of ICT and Digital Economy, highlighted the government’s ambitious agenda to transform Kenya into a digital economy. He stressed the critical need for secure data storage centers, emphasizing the project’s timeliness in supporting government digitization efforts and enhancing digital literacy among the youth.

The expansive 60-Megawatt Hyperscale Data Centre Campus comprises three distinct areas, each with unique features. Campus 1 alone can accommodate an astounding 2,640 racks, supporting its twenty-four-Megawatt IT Load capacity. Campus 2 mirrors this capacity, while Campus 3 completes the masterplan with a final twelve-Megawatt IT Load.

Eng. Amos Siwoi, CEO of Olkaria EcoCLOUD Data Centre, expressed the project’s commitment to embracing a technologically advanced and sustainable future responsibly. He emphasized that this project transcends physical infrastructure and data servers, as it embodies a vision for the futureā€”a beacon of sustainability and innovation within the African continent.

3D Render of the Interior Road Network for the Olkaria EcoCLOUD Data Centre Project

Notably, the event also attracted interest from major players in the data sector, such as Google, Amazon Web Services, Oracle, VMWare, and Jamii Telecommunications, who were present.

Details from the project reveal that the Data Centre campus’s location was specifically chosen to maximize reliability and minimize competition for resources in urban areas. The campus features diverse carrier fiber routes, multiple points-of-entry, and separate Meet-Me-Rooms designed for hyperscale-ready connectivity. Sustainability features include rooftop solar power generation, minimal water usage, rainwater harvesting, EV charging points, and shuttle services to Nairobi.

Internationally recognized advisors and consultants, including X2X Group, Sudlows Consulting, and Linesight, have played integral roles in the project’s design and execution.

In closing, Greg Jasmin, the lead of the Dubai-based Project Eagle team, stated that the Olkaria EcoCLOUD Data Centre sets new standards for eco-friendly infrastructure across Africa.

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