Glovo Unveils Graduate Program in Kenya

Glovo has launched its Africa Graduate Program to empower young talent in Kenya and beyond, aiming to nurture future leaders in the on-demand delivery sector. This initiative is set to offer a unique opportunity for graduates to embark on a comprehensive one-year program, enriching their professional journey in various crucial areas of the company, such as Operations, Quick-Commerce, and more.

To qualify, applicants need a university degree in management, science, or social science, with up to two years of work experience. The program promises an accelerated growth path, mentorship, and the chance to work in multiple African countries, providing a broad spectrum of experiences and learning opportunities.

Rasheeda Sedhosime, Glovo’s Head of People Africa, said the program’s role is to leverage the continent’s youthful talent and foster a new wave of business leaders. Through dedicated support and a diverse learning environment, Glovo aims to significantly contribute to the professional development of young individuals and shape the future of Africa’s business landscape.

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