E-Commerce Experts Partner to Help Small Businesses Thrive

Glovo, a leading multi-category app, has partnered with Visa, a world leader in digital payments, to support small-to-medium enterprises [SMEs] through online training courses. The initiative, part of Glovo’s broader program, Glovo Local, aims to empower SMEs in adapting to the digital landscape.

The videos target both aspiring local business owners and established SMEs seeking to enhance their operations and expand their reach. Specifically tailored for businesses with ten or fewer employees, the series covers essential topics such as digital payments, marketing, social media, and financial management. Accessible across nine countries in southwest Europe and Africa, the program is expected to benefit over 40,000 SMEs.

Previously, Glovo and Visa conducted a successful pilot program in Morocco, which informed the selection of topics for the current online courses. Feedback from local partners underscored the importance of topics like digital marketing and cash flow management. S├ębastien Pellion, Head of Impact and Sustainability at Glovo, highlighted the opportunity to bolster SMEs and foster collaborative ecosystems that drive city economies.

Pellion emphasized the vast potential for SMEs to tap into digital channels, particularly in regions like Africa. Carl Manlan, Vice President and Head of Social Impact, CEMEA, Visa, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the crucial role SMEs play in economic growth and inclusion. He underscored Visa’s commitment to providing innovative solutions to SMEs globally, particularly in navigating digitization and leveraging e-commerce opportunities. The collaboration between Glovo and Visa signifies a concerted effort to support SMEs in adapting to the digital economy and driving local economic development.

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