Google’s Hustle Academy Celebrates 5,300 Graduates

The Hustle Academy by Google has reached a significant milestone, graduating 5,300 small and medium-sized businesses [SMBs] since its inception in 2022. This achievement highlights the Academy’s commitment to enhancing business skills and knowledge among African entrepreneurs. To date, over 10,000 entrepreneurs across Africa have benefited from the program, indicating its widespread impact.

The program specifically addresses the unique challenges faced by African SMBs, offering practical skills and resources vital for business growth. The latest cohort of graduates builds on the success of the previous year, which saw over 5,000 SMBs completing the program.

Henry Rithaa, CEO of the Micro & Small Enterprise Authority [MSEA] in Kenya, commended the Academy for its role in empowering over 3,000 Kenyan SMBs. He emphasized the critical role of SMBs in Kenya’s economic growth, stating that supporting these businesses is akin to empowering the nation.

The diversity of the graduating businesses reflects the dynamic nature of Kenyan entrepreneurship. Participation in the Hustle Academy has demonstrated their capacity for innovation and resilience. Agnes Gathaiya, Country Director for East Africa, praised the SMBs for their growth and determination. She highlighted the significance of practical training and resource provision, as showcased by the Academy, in enhancing the Kenyan business landscape.

Melanie Hapisu, founder of DigiPath Africa and an alumna of the Hustle Academy, shared her experience with the program. She emphasized the practicality of the training, focusing on actionable strategies that transformed her business operations. The program provided insights that helped her business adapt to market demands and ensure sustainable growth, fostering innovation and informed decision-making.

The Hustle Academy forms part of Google’s broader initiative to support SMBs in Africa. This includes various programs, products, and partnerships aimed at helping these businesses overcome contemporary challenges. Such initiatives underscore Google’s commitment to strengthening the African business sector.

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