Huawei DigiTruck 2.0: How 5G is Helping to Close the Digital Skills Gap in Kenya

Huawei has taken a major step in enhancing the internet capabilities of its DigiTruck by upgrading it to 5G. The primary goal is to boost internet speeds and expand access to digital skills training for youth. The company aims to reach at least 1,200 young individuals in the coming year.

During the official launch of the Huawei CPE Pro 2 on DigiTruck, Ian Korir, the firm’s CSR Coordinator, highlighted the significance of this upgrade. The CPE Pro 2, functioning as a 5G-powered router, enables learners on the program to experience 5G connectivity. Even devices without 5G support can benefit from the Wi-Fi provided by the CPE, enjoying the advantages of 5G speeds.

Korir expressed the long-term vision of covering all 47 counties in Kenya to deliver vital digital skills to people, ensuring no one is left behind in the digital revolution.

The 5G-powered CPE Pro 2 from Huawei empowers children across Kenya with high-speed internet, facilitating online learning experiences. They can now engage in fast learning practical exercises such as experiments, coding, and programming. The CPE Pro 2’s multiple 5G antennas and support for various frequency bands ensure excellent coverage and capacity. Students can instantly upload videos, livestream in 4K high-definition, and explore the full potential of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Korir emphasized that the upgraded DigiTruck’s enhanced features will provide additional lessons for Kenyan youth, encouraging them to pursue online businesses in line with the government’s digital masterplan.

Huawei collaborates with partners like Safaricom Women in Technology, Kenya National Innovation Agency, National Youth Council, and ICT Authority. They leverage these partnerships during visits to various locations across the country, including county and national government offices and regional technology hubs like Swahili Pot in Mombasa. The team has begun school visits in Mombasa County, spanning at least one week and reaching several learning institutions.

Dianah Ogeto, Vice Chair of Safaricom’s Women In Technology, expressed excitement about the partnership, believing it will foster greater hands-on learning experiences and promote STEM uptake in schools through programs like Kids In Tech.

Over the past three and a half years, Huawei’s DigiTruck has already provided ICT skills training to over 3,000 youth across 25 Kenyan counties. While previously using a 4G CPE for connectivity, the upgrade to a 5G CPE allows them to take advantage of the faster speeds provided by Safaricom’s expanding 5G network. In areas without 5G coverage, the CPE will connect to Safaricom’s 4G network, which covers around 97% of the population.

Korir emphasized the critical role of digital skills in today’s rapidly evolving era. The DigiTruck serves as a transformative platform, empowering young individuals by bridging the digital divide and creating awareness of digital opportunities throughout the country. It enables them to explore potential career options, educational opportunities, and platforms for business growth and expansion. Moreover, the DigiTruck fosters innovation and creativity, encouraging young minds to unleash their potential and pursue entrepreneurial endeavors in the digital realm.

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