Huawei Empowers Women with Digital Skills Through MaMa Doing Good

Huawei Kenya, a renowned global player in the realm of information and communication technology [ICT] infrastructure and intelligent devices, has embarked on a groundbreaking collaboration with MaMa Doing Good, a non-governmental organization spearheaded by First Lady Rachel Ruto, aimed at empowering Kenyan women through the acquisition of digital skills.

The two entities have formalized their partnership by signing a memorandum of understanding, with the overarching goal of providing digital skills training to over 14,000 women’s groups scattered across the nation. This strategic alliance endeavors to furnish MaMa Doing Good and the women it serves with digital devices that facilitate learning and digital literacy training. Ultimately, this initiative aspires to equip Kenyan women with essential digital competencies and narrow the digital divide.

Huawei Kenya Deputy CEO Steven Zhang [Left] and MaMa Doing Good CEO Dr. Ben Chumo [Right] display copies of the MOU the two organizations signed as a partnership to empower Kenyan women with digital skills.

During the ceremony, Dr. John Chumo, CEO of MaMa Doing Good, emphasized the importance of collaboration between the private sector, NGOs, and the government to empower Kenyan women. He articulated, “Investing in the economic empowerment of women paves the way for gender equality, poverty reduction, and inclusive economic growth. The tools and digital proficiencies acquired by women participating in Huawei’s program will act as a catalyst for transformative change, greatly improving their lives.”

The memorandum of understanding between Huawei and MaMa Doing Good delineates their collaborative efforts in pivotal areas, including developing and executing initiatives to bridge the digital gap for women, enhancing digital skills, documenting their endeavors, engaging in joint communications, advocating for digital literacy, and cooperating on resource mobilization.

Dr. Chumo underscored that this partnership embodies the shared commitment of both organizations to forge an equitable society, where every individual can lead a contented, enriched, and transformed life, aligning harmoniously with Kenya’s Vision 2030.

Mr. Steven Zhang, Deputy CEO at Huawei Kenya, hailed the partnership as a testament to the potential that cooperation holds in unlocking opportunities for Kenyan women to harness modern technology for their social and economic advancement. He remarked, “We are excited to join forces with MaMa Doing Good in equipping women with the digital competencies they need to thrive in today’s interconnected world. Through this collaboration, we aim to bridge the digital divide and illuminate a brighter future for Kenyan women, especially in an era where technology pervades and plays a pivotal role in nearly all sectors of the economy.”

MaMa Doing Good, under the esteemed leadership of First Lady Mama Rachel Ruto, is deeply committed to the empowerment of women in the spheres of economic well-being, environmental sustainability, and climate action in Kenya. The organization’s mission seamlessly aligns with Huawei Kenya’s vision, making this partnership a potent catalyst for driving transformative change. Founded with a visionary goal to uplift communities, MaMa Doing Good tirelessly works toward creating a more promising future for all Kenyans. Meanwhile, Huawei remains steadfast in its commitment to providing digital access to every individual, household, and institution, with the ultimate aim of fostering an equitable society where every person can lead a joyous, fulfilled, and metamorphic life.

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