Huawei Helps to Drive the Transition to Clean Energy

Huawei has embarked on a mission to promote eco-friendly and sustainable progress within the global PV industry. To this end, the company gathered an eclectic group of 200 industry leaders for an unprecedented industry summit in Kenya. During this event, they unveiled their revolutionary Battery Energy Storage System [BESS] solutions.

“Given the global shift towards carbon neutrality, the establishment of a new energy system is a collective vision. Every organization is striving for enhanced energy experiences, as well as eco-conscious production and lifestyles through the use of renewable energy applications,” remarked Charles Yang, Senior Vice President of Huawei and President of Global Marketing, Sales, and Services at Huawei Digital Power.

Huawei Pan African BESS Summit held in Nairobi, Kenya.

In the realm of large-scale energy storage, Huawei is showcasing its innovation to drive green and sustainable development across the global PV industry. The company expressed its readiness to engage in extensive collaborations with global partners and customers, thereby fostering continuous innovation and the advancement of highly competitive Smart PV+ESS products and solutions.

The conference’s objective was to encourage cooperation and knowledge exchange surrounding groundbreaking energy storage technologies and forward-looking applications. The event functioned as a collaborative platform, propelling the energy industry towards a more resilient and sustainable future, with BESS technology occupying a central role. This positions both Africa and the industry on a promising trajectory amid this transformative journey.

Yang further noted that the existing challenges within the industry, such as low equipment reliability and property safety concerns, underscore Huawei’s role as a ‘technology product company.’ This role involves mitigating these challenges through increased investment in research and development and a commitment to continuous innovation.

According to Yang, Huawei’s identity lies in being a technology and product company dedicated to forging a greener future and safeguarding the interests of its customers. By pioneering efficient energy storage solutions and proactively addressing the challenges associated with grid stability amidst renewable integration, Huawei remains steadfast in propelling the industry towards a more robust and environmentally conscious future.

During the event, John Van Zuylen, CEO of AFSIA Solar, delivered a comprehensive overview of trends and prospects within the solar industry. He highlighted the prevalence of projects being commissioned on fragile grids, identifying an opportunity for growth in the industry across Africa. He stressed the need for more grid stabilization due to the increased incorporation of renewable energy, presenting a favorable opening for large-scale storage solutions.

Ussama Rai, Director of PV & BESS Service Solution, underscored global trends propelling the adoption of utility-scale BESS. He emphasized that up to 40% cost savings can be achieved through prefabricated design. Muhammed Seedat, Senior PV Solution Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa, highlighted the upsurge in renewable energy and Huawei’s comprehensive PV and ESS solutions, pledging seamless synergy and hassle-free post-sales services for customers.

Yang concluded, “Bound by a shared vision, our common objective is to elevate green PV to a prominent position, establishing it as the ultimate energy source for both residences and businesses. Through these united endeavors, we are not only constructing a sustainable future but also empowering communities worldwide with resilient and eco-friendly energy solutions.”

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