Huawei’s 5G Fuels Kenya’s Esports Journey to Global Glory

In the fast-evolving world of esports, Kenya is making waves once again as its National esports team returns to the global stage. After a triumphant debut in 2022, the team is now vying for a spot on the Africa team, and the stakes are higher than ever. The path to victory is paved with two separate rounds of qualification matches, all taking place on the blazing-fast 5G network, thanks to an exciting partnership between Huawei Kenya and the Esports Federation of Kenya.

The competition revolves around the eFootball category, featuring 12 teams divided into two groups of 6. Kenya finds itself in Group B, facing formidable opponents such as South Sudan, Senegal, Djibouti, Somalia, and Algeria. Meanwhile, Group A consists of Namibia, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Tunisia, and South Africa. The top two teams from each group secure an automatic ticket to the next round, while the first and second runners-up battle it out in the semi-finals for the remaining slots. Among Kenya’s representatives in this category is the teenage sensation, Harry “Kappa” Thuku.

Huawei’s involvement in this exciting journey is instrumental. Maureen Mwaniki, Public Relations Director at Huawei Kenya, expressed their enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing the importance of seamless connectivity for gamers.

Huawei is providing 5G routers to ensure that players can connect to high-speed 5G networks, enabling them to perform at their absolute best. The impact of this technology is profound, as it eliminates buffering for 4K video streaming and makes mobile gaming remarkably smoother due to 5G’s low latency. In fact, an online game can now recognize 200 to 300 clicks per minute, potentially tipping the scales between victory and defeat.

In the mobile games category, Kenya’s PUBG Mobile team faces off against nine other African nations, with three coveted slots up for grabs. The battle royale format promises intense competition as all teams converge in the virtual arena. The team, coached by Allan “Serge” Kimani, boasts talented players like Farhan “Riot” Mughal, Jeff “Spiky” Itale, Jonathan “Shakid” Ngugi, Rheinehold “Shot” Shume, and Douglas “777” Karuku.

Meanwhile, Kenya’s women’s team, dota2, has already secured their place in the global showcase by emerging at the top of their African qualifiers. The stage is set for the games, scheduled to take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in December 2023.

The newly elected Esports Federation President, Ronny Lusigi, exudes confidence in the team’s abilities, citing their talent and unwavering support. He acknowledged the essential role played by Huawei in providing proper locations for 5G internet connectivity and necessary equipment to the players.

In the world of esports, where video and online gaming intersect, players from around the globe engage in a variety of games, competing in numerous tournaments and leagues offering substantial prize money. In Kenya, popular games such as FIFA, Fortnite, and League of Legends have cultivated dedicated communities of players and fans who eagerly await the outcome of this exciting journey on the 5G-powered esports stage.

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