IBM Cloud Carbon Calculator Helps Organizations Track and Reduce Emissions

IBM has launched a cutting-edge tool to support enterprises in monitoring greenhouse gas [GHG] emissions across their cloud services and promoting sustainability throughout their hybrid, multicloud endeavors. The IBM Cloud Carbon Calculator, now available to clients, is an AI-powered dashboard that enables access to emissions data from various IBM Cloud workloads, including AI, high-performance computing [HPC], and financial services.

As businesses across industries embrace modernization through hybrid cloud and AI to digitally transform with resilience, performance, security, and compliance as key focus areas, they are also striving to adopt sustainable practices and deliver value.

The IBM Cloud Carbon Calculator has been specifically designed to help clients meet these challenges by swiftly identifying patterns, anomalies, and outliers in data that may be associated with higher GHG emissions. Powered by technology from IBM Research and developed in collaboration with Intel, this tool utilizes machine learning and advanced algorithms to help organizations pinpoint emissions hotspots in their IT workload. Armed with these insights, companies can devise strategies to mitigate their emissions and drive sustainability.

Julia Carvalho, General Manager of IBM Africa Growth Markets, stressed the importance of this tool for African organizations facing climate change and variability. By providing access to standardized GHG emissions data, the IBM Cloud Carbon Calculator empowers companies to manage their cloud carbon footprint effectively and advance their sustainability goals.

Clients have already started using the IBM Cloud Carbon Calculator to address their sustainability objectives. For instance, e.tres, an Argentinian ecommerce platform, is leveraging the dashboard to measure and offset greenhouse gas emissions in their operations.

The IBM Cloud Carbon Calculator offers several capabilities, including the ability to track emissions across different workloads down to the cloud service level for enterprise accounts. Clients can visualize and track GHG emissions associated with individual cloud services and locations, using filters to analyze emissions profiles across different places and services. The tool also enables the identification of emissions hotspots and improvement opportunities, allowing enterprises to make data-driven decisions to optimize workloads and reduce emissions. Additionally, clients can utilize the output and audit trails generated by the calculator for their reporting needs and integrate their emissions data into the IBM Envizi ESG suite for further analysis and reporting.

IBM’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond the Cloud Carbon Calculator, with an existing portfolio of sustainability solutions and consulting expertise, including the IBM Envizi ESG Suite, IBM Turbonomic, IBM Planning Analytics, and IBM LinuxONE, all aimed at helping organizations set and achieve their environmental sustainability goals.

IBM Cloud’s collaboration with Intel has also contributed to the delivery of Intel’s most sustainable data center processors, 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, which help reduce GHG emissions associated with computing. Going forward, IBM Cloud and IBM Research plan to continue their close partnership, working with partners like Intel to execute programs and initiatives focused on reducing compute-related GHG emissions and increasing energy efficiency for clients embracing hybrid cloud solutions.

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