ICT Authority and Microsoft Partner to Modernize Kenyan Government

The ICT Authority [ICTA] formalized a collaborative agreement with Microsoft East Africa Limited through a Memorandum of Understanding [MoU]. This notable ceremony, witnessed by the Principal Secretary in the State Department for ICT & the Digital Economy, Eng. John Tanui, marked a pivotal step in Kenya’s journey towards digital transformation.

The essence of this MoU, established between ICTA and Microsoft, was to bolster Kenya’s digital landscape, aligning closely with the objectives outlined in the Kenyan Digital Economy Blueprint. This agreement set forth a plan for Microsoft to work closely with the National Government, its Ministries, Departments, and Agencies, in partnership with ICTA. The detailed framework of this collaboration was anticipated to be completed by February 2024.

[L-R] Principal Secretary, State Department of ICT and Digital Economy, Eng. John Tanui, Stanley Kamanguya, CEO of the ICT Authority, Phyllis Migwi, Country Manager of Microsoft and Kunle Awosika, Managing Director for the Africa Transformation Office at Microsoft during the signing of the MoU between ICT Authority and Microsoft. 

Central to this MoU was Microsoft’s commitment to aiding the Kenyan Government in adopting a Cloud-First strategy. This strategy aimed at revolutionizing public service delivery by incorporating advanced technology and enhancing the efficiency of e-government services for citizens.

During the ceremony, PS Eng. Tanui commended the synergy between ICTA and Microsoft, recognizing it as a critical driver in accelerating the nation’s digital economy, which had already achieved significant milestones. He emphasized the country’s robust foundation for a digital economy, highlighting the digitization of over 14,000 government services. Eng. Tanui stressed the importance of this partnership in fostering further development in the digital sector and urged support for local innovators and startups.

Stanley Kamanguya, CEO of the ICT Authority, echoed these sentiments, acknowledging the timeliness and significance of the partnership with Microsoft in advancing Kenya’s digital transformation. He envisioned this collaboration enhancing cybersecurity awareness, digital skills, and key technological areas, thereby invigorating the digital sector.

On the Microsoft front, Kunle Awosika, Head of Public Sector in Africa, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, envisioning it as a catalyst for creating an open and enabling environment for government departments to make informed technology and cloud platform choices through ICTA.

Phyllis Migwi, Microsoft’s Country Manager in Kenya, also welcomed the partnership. She highlighted Microsoft’s longstanding presence in Kenya, spanning over two decades, and expressed confidence that the collaboration would significantly contribute to the nation’s digital transformation agenda.

The ICT Authority’s role in this collaboration was pivotal, entrusted with the task of rationalizing and streamlining the management of all the Government’s ICT functions. This MoU between ICTA and Microsoft stood as a testament to Kenya’s commitment to embracing digital solutions for a vibrant and efficient digital economy.

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