Jumia and KFC™ Expand Food Delivery Service to Meru and Nanyuki

Jumia Food, Kenya’s leading online food delivery platform, has exciting news to share. They have recently announced the expansion of their operations to two more cities, Meru and Nanyuki. This move is part of Jumia Food’s strategic plan to reach and serve customers in secondary cities across Kenya.

With this expansion, the residents of Meru and Nanyuki can now indulge in their favorite KFC meals from the comfort of their own homes. KFC, renowned as the leading restaurant chain in Kenya, boasts over 35 branches nationwide. By partnering with Jumia Food, they aim to provide customers in Meru and Nanyuki with a convenient and dependable way to order food online.

Expressing her enthusiasm, Sonali Patel, the Jumia Food Commercial Director, said, “We are thrilled to introduce Jumia Food to Meru and Nanyuki. These secondary cities have seen a growing demand for online food delivery, and we are confident that our collaboration with KFC will fulfill the needs of local consumers.”

This expansion also highlights the rising popularity of online food delivery services in Kenya. Experts predict that the country’s online food delivery market will experience a Compound Annual Growth Rate [CAGR] of 15% over the next five years.

Jacques Theunissen, Kuku Foods East Africa CEO, emphasized their commitment to make their menu more accessible to customers and establish new channels for connecting with them. He said, “The changing consumer trends around online ordering, particularly in Nanyuki where the demand for delivery has surged, have led us to collaborate with e-commerce players like Jumia Food to offer this service. Now, Nanyuki residents can enjoy our finger-lickin’ good chicken delivered right to their doorstep or wherever they are.”

Jumia Food is already successfully operating in major cities such as Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, and Nakuru. Looking ahead, the company has plans to expand to more secondary cities in the upcoming months.

Sonali Patel reaffirmed their commitment to providing Kenyan customers with reliable and convenient ways to order food, regardless of their location. She added, “The expansion to Meru and Nanyuki is just the beginning, and we eagerly look forward to bringing Jumia Food to more secondary cities across Kenya in the near future.”

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