Kenya Power Electrifies Fleet with Mahindra SUVs

Simba Corporation, a leading name in Kenya’s automotive industry, has delivered the first all-electric Mahindra XUV400 SUVs to Kenya Power. David Mugambi, Kenya Power’s Head of Transport, highlighted this as a pivotal moment in Kenya’s shift towards sustainable mobility. These two electric vehicles are part of six acquired by Kenya Power this year, with plans to expand to nine electric vehicles and 25 electric motorcycles by December 2024.

Kenya Power, with over 92% green energy generation, aims to reduce emissions in transportation. Mugambi noted that their EV journey began eight years ago with electric material handling equipment. Kenya, a rising leader in EV adoption in Africa, currently has about 2,100 electric vehicles, including two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and four-wheelers.

Naresh Leekha, Group Managing Director of Simba Corporation’s Motors Division, affirmed the company’s commitment to Kenya’s EV future. He praised Kenya Power for being an early adopter of Mahindra’s electric SUVs.

Mugambi assured that Kenya has the energy capacity to support EV growth, with an installed capacity of 3,246 MW surpassing peak demand of 2,300 MW. He emphasized that transitioning to EVs could lower energy costs and improve quality of life by using local energy sources.

This initiative aligns with global environmental goals and offers economic benefits by reducing fuel imports and enhancing energy security.

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