Kenya’s E-commerce Levels the Digital Playing Field

In Kenya, collaboration between Micro, Small, and Medium Sized Enterprises [MSMEs] and the e-commerce sector has significantly boosted economic growth. A recent forum reviewing the Kenya E-commerce Strategy highlighted the aim to promote innovation, inclusive participation, and economic growth through digital commerce for all Kenyans.

BrighterMonday Kenya introduced the e-Biz Kwa Vijana program in May 2023 to empower MSMEs with e-commerce and digital marketing skills. Over a year, the program trained more than 2,000 MSMEs and helped 632 businesses join online platforms.

Lilian Wairimu, Co-Director of Jegos Enterprises

Victor Waliaula, owner of Jekins Computer Solutions, reported a 30 percent revenue increase after the training. Funded by USAID’s e-Trade Alliance, the program also supported women entrepreneurs and people with disabilities. BrighterMonday Kenya’s CEO, Chris Otundo, emphasized the program’s success in fostering entrepreneurial spirit and expanding market opportunities for young people.

Lilian Wairimu, co-director of Jegos Enterprises, saw a 50 percent sales increase due to her new online presence. She previously relied on walk-in customers and government tenders, which were difficult to secure.

For Michael Mandu, Acting Secretary for Trade,the Kenya National E-commerce Strategy aims to create an environment where businesses can thrive and citizens can participate in the digital economy.

Following the e-Biz Kwa Vijana Program, 95 percent of MSMEs gained new online business ideas, and 86 percent made their first online sale. The program also provided business coaching to 61 persons with disabilities, with 15 joining e-commerce platforms. Additionally, 28 percent of participants increased their staff to support online business activities, and 95 percent planned to allocate a monthly e-commerce budget.

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