Kibo Africa’s KI60E Bike, Perfect Ride for Pure Fun in All Terrain

The K160E is an all-rounder, creatively designed once again by motorcycle manufacturer, Kibo Africa, this bike is meant to enable riders easily manoeuvre busy traffic in Nairobi and enjoy nature rides too. Much attention was turned into its fuel efficiency and comfort providing an excellent off-road mobility, agility and dynamism for urban mobility.

The bike’s unique body parts make it distinctive, its sportier styling is enhanced by its lower center of gravity,17-inch cast aluminium wheels and lighter suspension adopted for solo riding to deliver a well-balanced riding experience.

The K160E is engineered to provide maximum comfort and power while navigating city traffic, remaining fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. It features a 160cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine, a load weight of 200kg, a lower ride height for better stability on tarmac roads. The K160E is ideal for riders who want to make a statement while having a great ride on any terrain.

Speaking at the launch event, Kibo Africa CEO, Huib van de Grijspaarde, noted the value of motorcycling in improving mobility for urban residents. “We took the K160E as an opportunity to better help young Kenyans do more by saving a lot of time on their commutes and expressing their spirit of adventure through how they move. Our mobility solutions are designed to fit into our customers’ lifestyles while maintaining affordability and allowing them to remain environmentally conscious.”

Kibo Africa has a reputation of designing and manufacturing resilient bikes meant for the African terrain, it currently assembles 10,000 bikes annually in Kenya and it plans to increase this capacity to 50,000 bikes per year within the next three years.

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