Little App, Absa, and Visa Bring Contactless Payments to Taxis

Little App, a prominent Pan-African application offering diverse services, has partnered with Absa Bank Kenya PLC and Visa to introduce a Near Field Communication [NFC] payment feature. This collaborative endeavor aims to simplify and expedite the payment process for Little App taxis, enabling drivers to accept card-based payments via an Android smartphone. This integration is set to enhance operational efficiency for both customers and drivers.

The newly introduced NFC payment feature integrates Absa’s Mobi Tap app solution, which transforms a smartphone into a point of sale [POS] device. This empowers customers to conveniently make payments by simply tapping their contactless debit or credit cards on the driver’s Android phone or tablet.

Eva Ngigi, Visa East Africa Acting GM, [Center] showcases the tap-and-go card feature alongside Absa Bank’s Business Banking Director, Elizabeth Wasunna [Right], and cab driver Alice Kajuju at the partnership announcement event.

Mr. Kamal Budhabatti, the CEO of Little App, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing the significant role of both Absa and Visa in their respective fields. He stated that the NFC payment feature reinforces their dedication to revolutionizing convenience and efficiency within the ride-hailing industry. Leveraging Visa’s expertise and Absa’s local insights, Little App aims to significantly enhance the payment experience for their users.

The introduction of the NFC payment feature ensures a seamless transaction process for cardholders, promising a swift and hassle-free experience. Customers can follow a simple three-step process to utilize this feature: after the driver inputs the transaction amount, customers need to place their contactless card under the driver’s phone, briefly holding it for successful connection. Once the payment is complete, the confirmation will be displayed on the Little App, and customers can confirm the successful payment with the driver.

Elizabeth Wasunna-Ochwa, the Business Banking Director of Absa Bank Kenya PLC, lauded the NFC payment feature as another pioneering solution that prioritizes top-notch security measures, providing a safe and reliable medium for taxi drivers to receive payments. She emphasized Absa’s commitment to fostering partnerships that facilitate smoother, faster, and safer business operations for their customers, particularly those in the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises [SMEs] category.

Eva Ngigi-Sarwari, Visa Kenya’s Country Manager, emphasized the significance of this collaboration in enabling SMEs to embrace digital payments seamlessly. Through this partnership, any Little App driver can start accepting card payments on their NFC-enabled smartphone without the need to invest in a separate POS machine. This move aligns with Visa’s commitment to offering cost-effective, swift, and secure innovations to facilitate digital payment acceptance among SMEs.

Little App’s extensive presence across several African countries, including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia, Senegal, and Ghana, has solidified its position as a leading ride-hailing service, providing mobility, delivery, and payment solutions. By bridging the gap between customers and drivers or delivery agents, Little App has successfully revolutionized convenience and transparency for countless users.

The carefully designed NFC feature is poised to optimize payment experiences, enhancing overall transaction efficiency for both Little App users and drivers. This development marks a significant step towards fostering a seamless and secure payment ecosystem within the ride-hailing industry.

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