LogRhythm, e-finance Partner to Accelerate Egyptian Cybersecurity

LogRhythm has expanded its collaboration with e-finance, a subsidiary of the e-finance Investment Group, to bolster secure digital transformation in Egypt. This strategic move integrates LogRhythm into e-finance’s cloud computing platform, enabling customers in key sectors such as fintech, government, and healthcare to access LogRhythm SIEM for enhanced threat detection and business scalability.

Aligned with Egypt’s Vision 2030 initiative for digital transformation, this partnership reinforces e-finance’s commitment to improving operational efficiency. Through LogRhythm’s intuitive analytics, automated threat detection, and seamless incident response capabilities, organizations across both public and private sectors can fortify their cybersecurity posture.

Essam Ahmed, LogRhythm’s Regional Sales Director, emphasized the importance of scalable cybersecurity defenses in Egypt’s evolving digital landscape. The integration of LogRhythm into e-finance’s cloud platform marks a significant advancement in the partnership, underscoring the collective effort towards a secure digital future in Egypt.

E-finance’s integrated cloud platform, the first of its kind in Egypt, offers a diverse range of 200 services, equipped with cutting-edge secure computing technologies. This includes software, cloud platforms, cybersecurity applications, artificial intelligence, and big data processing.

Atef Mohammed, IT & Cloud Director at e-finance, highlighted Egypt’s digital growth and the company’s commitment to ongoing development. The integration of LogRhythm enhances their position as a leading provider of sovereign cloud services in Egypt, reinforcing local innovation and certification by the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology and the National Telecom Regulatory Authority.

The partnership between LogRhythm and e-finance began in 2023 to address threats in Egypt’s digital payment security ecosystem. This expansion ensures that e-finance and its customers can leverage LogRhythm’s scalable, accessible, and easy-to-integrate cybersecurity solutions to mitigate evolving threats effectively.

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