Marketers Get AI Boost with SAS & Amazon

SAS, a leading global data and AI company, is enhancing its MarTech solution, SAS Customer Intelligence 360, with new generative AI [GenAI] features. These updates, integrated with Amazon Bedrock from Amazon Web Services [AWS], help organizations turn data into valuable business insights that improve operations and elevate customer experiences.

New GenAI Capabilities for SAS Customer Intelligence 360

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 already supports marketers and advertisers by streamlining marketing planning, journey design, content creation, and creative development using GenAI. The new capabilities, leveraging Amazon Bedrock, include:

Improved Campaigns with Precise Audience Recommendations: Marketers can now create audiences and deliver personalized messages and offers more effectively. By using simple text descriptions, the software employs natural language prompts to recommend and refine target audiences.

Intelligent Self-Service Assistant: The new audience copilot provides a GenAI-powered chat experience, interpreting audience data through natural language generation. This tool helps marketers and advertisers select data sources, create schedules, specify data lifecycles, and enhance campaigns by better understanding their audiences, resulting in improved targeting and personalization.

Enhanced Emails for Better Response: With an influx of messages, getting customers to engage with emails is challenging. The new GenAI-powered service in SAS Customer Intelligence 360 suggests compelling email subject lines and allows marketers to test and compare them for the best results.

    According to Jennifer Chase, Chief Marketing Officer at SAS, GenAI enables marketers to plan campaigns better, improve audience selection, create relevant content, and make informed business decisions to enhance customer experiences. The integration with Amazon Bedrock technology simplifies the use of GenAI for marketing and advertising professionals.

    SAS and Amazon Bedrock

    The GenAI capabilities in Customer Intelligence 360 benefit from Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed AWS service that helps build and scale GenAI applications. This partnership allows marketers to use GenAI tools without worrying about the underlying AI models, focusing on leveraging the capabilities quickly and efficiently. The new email subject-line tools, for example, offer content generation features that recommend language, adjust tone, and provide translations.

    With SAS’ global hosting, users can easily access analytical models worldwide. Additionally, SAS offers responsible engagement capabilities and customized safeguards in Guardrails for Amazon Bedrock to support responsible GenAI applications, ensuring AI safety across user applications with filters for harmful or biased content.

    Craig Miller, Global Advertising and Marketing Solutions Portfolio Lead at AWS, emphasizes the importance of model choice in generative AI for marketing activities. By using Amazon Bedrock, SAS provides marketers with the latest GenAI-powered tools while ensuring responsible development of personalized and trustworthy customer experiences through early adoption of Guardrails for Amazon Bedrock.

    The collaboration between SAS and AWS empowers brands with technology and flexibility, using data and AI to deliver insights that improve lives. SAS remains dedicated to innovation and creativity.

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