MiVida Unveils 3 Futuristic Projects

Mi Vida Homes, a property development firm, has initiated the construction of three significant projects: Amaiya and 237 GC at Nairobi’s Garden City Development, and KEZA in Riruta. This move targets a diverse group of investors and homeowners seeking affordable, yet high-quality residences in and around Nairobi.

KEZA stands out as a notable affordable housing initiative, comprising 1,150 units in Riruta, Nairobi County. The project offers a variety of living spaces including studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments. This development addresses the increasing demand for affordable and quality housing in the region.

Following the successful completion and sale of its inaugural project at Garden City, Mi Vida Homes has introduced Amaiya as the second phase of its mid-market segment. Amaiya features a range of residential options including one-and-two-bedroom duplexes and three-bedroom units, further enhancing the variety of housing choices in the area.

The 237 GC project, another affordable housing venture within the Garden City community, adds 640 units to the market. This development includes a range of studio, one-, and two-bedroom apartments, along with a bulk institutional offtake recently announced by the company. Samuel Kariuki, the CEO of Mi Vida Homes, highlighted the project’s advantages, emphasizing access to essential services and amenities like supermarkets, retail shops, restaurants, and health facilities.

At the groundbreaking ceremony in Riruta, Kariuki remarked on the company’s commitment to its customers, noting that the projects are well-funded and over 80% of the current phases are pre-sold. He expressed confidence in timely delivery and meeting customer expectations.

Kariuki also pointed out the increasing appeal of mixed-use developments, as seen in their successful projects at Garden City. These developments not only offer essential services but also provide substantial returns, including up to a 13% yield on completed projects. He acknowledged the modern homebuyer’s desire for value that extends beyond the purchased unit.

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