Moringa School Empowers Kenyans with Digital Economy Skills

Nairobi County Government and Moringa School joined hands to offer free introductory digital skills training to young people in Nairobi. The goal was to spark an interest in STEM and equip them with essential skills for the digital age, opening doors to income-generating opportunities.

During the partnership, Moringa School successfully trained 141 youths, consisting of 95 males and 56 females, who enrolled in the program. The topics covered various aspects of digital skills, including computer programs, email etiquette, internet usage, project ideation, and more.

The collaboration aims to bridge the gap and ensure that more young people in the city have access to the necessary skills for success in the digital economy.

The program remains open to youths aged 18 to 30, and participants will receive hands-on training and mentorship from experienced trainers at Moringa School, helping them build their confidence in the digital field.

Moringa School’s CEO, Snehar Shah, expressed their commitment to empowering people in the digital age. The partnership with the County Government aligns with their mission to introduce as many young people in Nairobi as possible to the opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution, positioning the city as a digital hub with tech talent for global needs.

The next phase of the program is scheduled to continue later this year, and interested individuals can apply online through the Moringa School website.

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