NCBA’s KES 500 Million Solar Financing Pool to Boost Sustainable Businesses

NCBA Leasing LLP has taken a significant step forward in promoting clean energy sources by introducing a KES 500 million solar financing facility. This Solar Financing Product is designed to empower businesses, offering them a reliable and affordable way to invest in solar power systems, thereby eliminating the financial obstacles associated with adopting solar energy.

Robert Marete, the NCBA Deputy Director of Leasing, spoke during the commissioning of solar panels at the 67 Airport Hotel, which is leased by NCBA Leasing LLP. He emphasized that this new product has the potential to revolutionize green financing and environmental conservation. Mr. Marete stressed the bank’s commitment to sustainability and the urgent need for businesses to embrace clean energy sources as operational costs continue to rise. He highlighted the importance of exploring alternative power solutions that not only reduce expenses but also contribute to environmental preservation.

[R – L] Robert Marete Deputy Director, NCBA Leasing LLP, John Wachira, General Manager of Sales, Safi Power, and David Kibanya, General Manger , 67 Airport Hotel during the commissioning of the solar panels at 67 Airport Hotel, Mombasa road.

NCBA offers cost-effective, customized solutions with expert assistance and adaptable currency choices, facilitating a smooth shift to solar power.

David Kibanya, the General Manager of 67 Airport Hotel, expressed his excitement during the solar panel commissioning. He said this step would boost their edge in hospitality, particularly as the clean energy trend accelerates.

In August, NCBA, Kenya’s pioneer, added EV charging stations, embracing sustainability within its “NCBA Change the Story” initiative. These charging stations are available for both customers and staff to use. Additionally, NCBA has partnered with d.light Ltd, a leading provider of ‘Pay as you Go’ and solar-powered solutions, with plans to acquire 60 electric mini-vans and 145 motorcycles.

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