New Equatorial Guinea E-Visa Service Launches for All Nationalities

The Government of Equatorial Guinea is actively promoting tourism and business travel to their country by partnering with VFS Global to introduce a new E-Visa service. This initiative aims to streamline the visa application, processing, and issuance procedures, providing a faster and more convenient experience for leisure and business travellers. Eligible visitors of all nationalities can now obtain their travel authorization from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before departing from their home country.

With the launch of the new eVisa service, the country is expecting an increase in inbound tourism, particularly for business-related travel. This is driven by the growing interest among global travelers who seek unique and offbeat destinations and the rising popularity of sustainable travel. Additionally, many travelers now prefer technology-driven solutions like eVisa services, allowing them to handle the process independently and at their convenience.

Starting from July 1, 2023, the new eVisa service is available to travelers worldwide. To access this simplified, secure, and seamless online service, individuals can visit from anywhere, eliminating the need to personally visit an Embassy or Consulate. The online platform offers various payment options, and travelers can also save their progress and retrieve the application form at a later time.

Hon. Ms. Manuela Roka Botey, Prime Minister of Equatorial Guinea, expressed her enthusiasm for the launch of the eVisa service, stating, “With our new Evisa Service, tourists and business people from all over the world can easily, securely, and quickly obtain a visa to travel to EG. They are warmly welcomed.”

Mr. Hariprasad Viswanathan, Head – Sub Saharan Africa at VFS Global, shared his pride in extending eVisa solutions to Equatorial Guinea as their newest client government. The introduction of the eVisa portal is expected to attract increased inbound travel to this hidden gem in Central Africa. VFS Global ensures a highly secure and seamless experience for travelers while providing partner governments with a powerful and efficient system that can be easily integrated into existing immigration processes through their scalable and customizable approach.

To apply for an Equatorial Guinea eVisa service, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Visit and complete the registration process.
  2. Fill out the user-friendly application form, seamlessly upload the required documents, and proceed with online payment.
  3. Upon successful payment and visa decision, travellers will be notified of the outcome via email. If approved, the eVisa will be electronically provided after the application process
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