New Platform Connects Libyan Innovators, Boosting Digital Growth

The Libyan Digital Lab has introduced an online Innovations Map platform, aiming to enhance innovation and digital growth within the nation. Abdelbaset Albaor, chair of the General Information Authority, highlighted that this initiative marks a pivotal move in executing Libya’s digital transformation strategy. The platform, developed in collaboration with local and international partners, is set to foster a dynamic digital ecosystem.

This initiative is part of a larger effort to stimulate creative thinking and digital advancements in Libya, supported by the European Union’s E-nable project and implemented by Expertise France. The Digital Lab, acting as a central hub for digital strategy, has benefitted from global expertise through workshops and an insightful study tour in Paris, enhancing the team’s understanding of digital strategies and tools.

Marton Benedek of the EU Delegation to Libya emphasized the transformative role of digital technologies in supporting economic and competitive growth, green transitions, and the development of digital skills. The Innovations Map is a significant step towards increasing innovation capacities and fostering strategic digital ecosystems, with the EU committed to supporting Libya’s digital journey.

This platform not only highlights Libya’s innovative projects but also encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing among innovators, investors, and researchers nationwide. It is seen as a cornerstone for promoting Libya’s digital visibility and fostering a collaborative innovation landscape, as stated by Julien Schmitt of Expertise France.

Overall, the Innovations Map serves as a living repository of digital initiatives across Libya, offering a new avenue for driving the country’s digital transformation and establishing Libya as a hub for innovation.

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