Newmark Group Strengthens PRGN’s Global Reach with Pan-African Expertise

Newmark Group Limited, a distinguished Pan-African Public Relations and Communications agency, has achieved a monumental milestone by being formally inducted as a member of The Public Relations Global Network [PRGN] in a prestigious event hosted at Hilton’s San Francisco District, California, United States, during PRGN’s fall conference. This pivotal membership serves as a beacon of Newmark Group’s ascending trajectory toward global acclaim and synergistic collaborations.

The ascension of Newmark Group into the illustrious realms of PRGN membership resonates as a powerful testament to its burgeoning influence and formidable impact echoing through the corridors of the global communications realm. This March 2023, Newmark gracefully emerged as the fifth agency from sub-Saharan Africa to weave into the dynamic fabric of PRGN, enhancing the robust network with a new count of 54 fervently active agencies.

Gilbert Manirakiza, the Founder and Visionary CEO of Newmark Group

In a heartfelt expression at the conference, Gilbert Manirakiza, the founder and visionary CEO of Newmark Group, elucidated the profound significance embedded within their PRGN membership. He articulated, “Embarking on this membership journey with PRGN unfolds a realm of essential connections that burgeon our distinctive strategic communications footprint. It engenders a multifaceted confluence of Public Relations, coupled with a symphony of digital proficiency, experiential insights, technological innovation, and creative flair. This enriched amalgamation crafts a transformative capacity to shape identities, nurture a harmonious tapestry of diverse audiences, and catalyze formidable growth trajectories for organizations entrusted in our guardianship.”

A remarkable chapter unfolded during the Awards dinner when Newmark Group triumphantly clinched a coveted Gold Award, casting a historical silhouette as the first freshly inaugurated agency to conquer the pinnacle of success in their debut appearance at the PRGN conference. Additionally, a wave of honor embraced Mr. Manirakiza with an honorary nexus to the PRGN’s Marketing and Communications committee, an instrumental crucible steering the network’s strategic global odyssey.

Andy See, the esteemed President of PRGN, expressed vibrant enthusiasm welcoming Newmark into the fraternity, celebrating the invaluable reservoir of thought leadership and specialized expertise that Newmark has cultivated within the vast terrains of Africa. Newmark’s expansive network, blooming across over 30 countries, heralds a transformative epoch for PRGN, unlocking unparalleled vistas of opportunity and innovative frontiers within the global and local collaborative symphony.

Since its inception in 2010, Newmark Group has flourished, blossoming into a formidable Pan-African avatar of communications and brand orchestration majesty. Their versatile expertise landscape radiates strategy design, stakeholder connectivity, visionary thought leadership, media prowess, and content creativity. The strategic alliance with PRGN unfolds an expanded horizon of global reach and enriched capabilities, heralding a vibrant epoch of transformative client success and worldwide impact.

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