Online Safety Platform Launched in SA

Impact Amplifier, supported by, has initiated the African Online Safety Platform [AOSP], a comprehensive effort to enhance online safety across Africa. This initiative seeks to remedy critical gaps in the continent’s online safety measures, such as the absence of a unified database for research and educational resources on online safety, the complexity and inefficiency of existing legal and social media support systems, and the shortage of funding for necessary interventions.

The AOSP serves as a centralized resource, offering access to research, educational content, financial aid opportunities, and assistance for victims of online crimes. It aims to simplify the understanding of online safety challenges specific to Africa, promote safe internet use among all, especially the youth, and support the development of online safety education in both formal and informal settings.

Dr. Alistair Mokoena, Google South Africa Country Director [Center], joins panelists Martha Sunda and Dennis Ratemo from Kenya at the launch of the Africa Online Safety Platform in Johannesburg on Feb 6, 2024, in celebration of Safer Internet Day

At the launch event, discussions featured insights from online safety innovators in South Africa and Kenya, including Craig Rosewarne, Camaren Peter, Dennis Ratemo, and Martha Sunda. These discussions highlighted the need for solutions tailored to the unique contexts of African countries.

Google SA’s Country Director, Dr. Alistair Mokoena, emphasized Google’s ongoing commitment to supporting Africa’s online safety ecosystem, highlighting the launch of AOSP 2.0 as a step forward in protecting vulnerable populations online.

Tanner Methvin, Director of Impact Amplifier, stressed the importance of addressing online safety, noting that with over 570 million internet users in Africa, innovative solutions are essential to tackle the myriad of safety challenges presented by the internet.

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